• The most important understanding we can realize is: “We are creators”.
  • What you think about everyday is the world you create.
  • When our heart controls our consciousness, we live in the present moment.
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    John is a renowned healer who has drawn from various cultures and traditions in his unique system of healing.
What Can We Do About the Coronavirus?
By John Mayfield
According to a hospital executive I spoke to yesterday, the coronavirus is a weak virus that attacks lung tissue. Immune challenged people are the highest risk. If an affected person sneezes on you, or you touch something that they touched, the virus can live on your skin or clothes for about 4 to 5 hours. […]

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John Mayfield is a renowned healer who has drawn on ancient and modern techniques of various cultures and traditions in his development of a unique system of healing. He has been in practice as a chiropractor for over 40 years. John and his wife live in Grass Valley, California. This website is dedicated to Dr. John's blog, Diary of a Healer, as he explores the topics in his new work, User Manual for the Human Body, released in 2018 and published here as a gift from John Portions of the "User Manual" are excerpted from John's latest book Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm available on Amazon You can find out more about John's work, his books and his Chiropractic practice by visiting his website at:  John Mayfield Chiropractic
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