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Above Down - Inside Out

The Law of Above Down - Inside Out

Chiropractic is based on a foundation of science, art and philosophy, like a triangular balance board. In the very first week that I started at Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1964, in philosophy class, we learned that the body never does anything wrong. It always does the very best it can with what we give it; that it responds to all our thoughts as if they were commands. We also learned a holistic model that explained wellness, healing, and all of creation. The model was called “Above Down—Inside Out.” Here is how it works:

A brilliant insight, higher truth, a dream, ideal or noble plan comes into our consciousness from the spiritual dimension (above). When we take ownership of the truth or dream and commit to it, we take it into our body (down). From within ourselves (inside), we commit to the vision or higher truth. Then against all odds, we manifest it (out) into the world. 

The yin/yang symbol is a good model to explain how healing works through the law of above down, inside out. When we are badly injured, or have a terrible illness (the dark portion of the symbol), it is often difficult for us to see ourselves as vibrantly healthy and whole. It takes courage to even imagine ourselves as a powerfully healthy person, but an image of what we would be doing or how we want to see ourselves when we heal up, is exactly what we need to hold onto throughout all the dark nights of our recovery.

In the darkest part of our darkest night—times when we fear we may never be whole again—is precisely when we need to hold onto an image of ourselves as whole and healthy . Remember, our bodymind is image orientated. It needs an image to focus on before can figure out how to manifest it. 

See an image of yourself doing action things, like running a marathon, hiking mountains, swimming rivers or your mind razor-sharp until the day you die. Imagine friends telling you how great you look, your color vibrant, your face beaming. Create an image of yourself in the vibrantly healthy state you want to emulate (the pure white dot in the center of the dark field of the symbol), then courageously step into that image. 

Coincidently, this is also the model of how creation works. Spiritual reality and physical reality both operate under similar laws. “As above, so below.” If you want to heal yourself or manifest something, this is a model that has been proven to work. 

When Energy Runs Backwards:

In the unconscious state, where most people currently live, the flow of energies is 180 degrees reversed. For example: When something we don’t like happens (outside in), the brain assumes that now, we have to do things differently. Then our brain accepts it as fate gives up its power to the new situation (below upward).

Up to now, most people have lived their lives in this critical thinking model. At this time in history, it remains the dominant paradigm. Sadly, the allopathic medical model works in this direction. The doctor gives your symptom pattern a diagnosis, then fights against the diagnosis. Once you have been given a diagnosis (outside in), that diagnosis defines the rest of your life (Below Upward). In this model you are defined as your disease: “I am a diabetic, I have a bad back, I am a cancer survivor, this is my bad knee.” 

Creative, vibrant, high-energy children are often given an ADD diagnosis. Once defined, they go from vibrant alive geniuses to problem children that need to be drugged and controlled. The diagnosis makes these children believe they are damaged goods, and casts a pall on the rest of their lives. ADD just means they are smarter than normal, but an ADD brain takes much more discipline to get control of. I know. My ADD brain works wonderfully for me.

In our highly-socialized society, most people believe that what naturally follows after about age thirty is: Every year you give up more of your physical prowess until some yucky disease drags you down—and then you die. So, when you hear yourself thinking or saying something like “my knee is shot,” or “I am a diabetic,” ask yourself: “Is that how I want to create my world?” If not, change the programing.

There is a huge disconnect between what most people think they believe, and what they actually believe in their gut. Most will say, “I am in charge of my destiny.” Yet when asked why they’re not doing what they want, they say, “Because of (some circumstance out there).” Any time we give our power away to a story, we are not actually in control. We are only reacting. Bacteria can do that.

When the flow of energy is backward, excuses replace goals and dreams. The mind focuses on unending problems. The entire realm of pain and suffering is created by acquiescence to fate. "Fate" is just a story, but it's a story our critically thinking brain thinks is reality based on things that have happened in the past. Fate is one of the great lies.

Dreaming Your World into Being
We are the dreamers that dream our world into being within the Greater Dream of Creator. Every moment we are awake, we live in the eternity of the present moment. When a situation comes up, we have as much as 360 degrees of possibility and probability to create our own unique world the way we want it. Or we can let others create it for us, which never works out good.

Our magnificent dreams are eternal, divinely inspired. We are a spirit. We, and our dreams, stand outside the limited past/future world of time. Our dreams simply are. We have the unique opportunity to see them as already existing and to play in the finished product, the end game. Using the rich imagination from our stomach, our whole bodymind gets to participate in the manifestation of our plans and dreams.

How to use our Imagination

When we use our imagination to play—as a child would—in a desire or goal as if it exists here and now, our heart uses that time to develop insights into how to make it happen in a more loving manner. More importantly, our entire bodymind gets to participate in this process of bringing a dream into reality.

While we are imagining playing in the end result, our liver is busy drawing up the plans that make it happen. Our gallbladder provides good judgments to give the liver’s plans integrity, then it makes all the necessary decisions. Our lungs breathe in inspiration and all the courage needed to pull it off. Our large intestine lets go of stuff we no longer need to make room for the transformation and change that solidifies our vision. Our stomach ripens our thoughts and plans until they are complete. Our spleen helps us develop clear boundaries and to know when is enough. Feeling all the feelings that come up directly connects us with the awesome power of our spirit and soul. That’s the way to do it.

In this more conscious dream, our job is to determine what and why. What do we want and why do we want it. Ask questions like: What exactly do I want? Will it make me happy? How will this affect my family, my loved ones? If I get this, will this be good for my soul development?

Then ask yourself why this is important to you with questions like: Why do I want it? Why is it important that this happens? What are my motives? Why does it even need to be? Why is it me that needs to do it?

Your job is what and why. God’s job is how and when. Give God’s job up to God, or whatever you want to call the organizing power of the universe. Then be present. When you single-mindedly commit, the universe participates. All manner of things happen that would not have happened had you not committed. 

After you have committed, face all the situations that appear to come at you with gratitude and courage. After all, your spirit and soul create your lessons. The entire spiritual kingdom works on your behalf, setting up events so that manifests your heart’s desires in the most direct manner.  

You write the script of your life. You direct the movie, complete with where the sets are happening each moment. And hopefully in every scene you are the star or at least one of the principal actors. Say yes to all that is happening. Do it consciously. Don't be an extra in your own movie. 

All life is a movie, and we all play parts in each other’s projections. There is no scroll on the other side of the veil where what is supposed to happen has been written. We all just make our life up. Only then is it written.

We all have the opportunity to stand—moment by moment—at the center of eternity where all potential and all possibility are readily available to us. 

The turmoil of our mind dissolves as we learn to feel our feelings in progressively more situations. In the spaciousness of our mind, the experience of peace and contentment surfaces and permeates all that we observe. Happiness can be best defined as complete relaxation. In this state, our best course of action floats up to our consciousness and becomes apparent.

In these peaceful moments, the great truths coalesce. When we take these noble truths down into our consciousness and commit to them, we are living the spirit of “Above Down—Inside Out.” This model deserves large amounts of thought and consideration on our part.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.
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