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Brain Operating System

Great Servant, Terrible Master 
Although the brain is only designed to be our unconscious default system, it remains in charge of our consciousness until we start waking up. Such has been the situation for almost all of humanity over our long history. That’s why we have so much inequality, poverty and war. When we wake up, our heart rules our consciousness. 

Our brain lives completely inside the past/future world of time where the past predicts our future and fate is our advisor. All the layers and layers of conditioning we received growing up obscure our authentic self. It's like being in a self-imposed prison where all our beliefs of lack and limitation, the memories of our unresolved fears, guilt, shame and missed opportunities form the bars of our prison cell.

Our brain—when not directed by our heart—focuses on problems and the differences between self and “others,” which it sees as seperate from our inner nature. It is simply not capable of strategically creating our world in a loving manner. Without the heart directing it, our brain’s strategy consistently defaults to problem solving and fault finding. If there are no problems for it to solve, the brain generates unending problems to fret over. 

Even when we start waking up, the past/ future world of time is so familiar, so seductive that we all fall asleep dozens of times every day, rarely even noticing it. Our brain plays disc jockey, playing what it considers as the most appropriate old tape for each situation we are experiencing. 

Our brain has many hundreds of thousands of “programs” for anything we have done more than once. These programs are continually updated, even to the last time we thought about them. We can seamlessly go from one program to another for days or even years, floating along in the Great River of Time. 

In the brain’s version of reality, everything is divided into right versus wrong, good versus evil, Republican perspective versus Democratic perspective and infinitely more polarities. Even though the world of time is so familiar and seductive, it's a miserable place to live. The brain's divisive way of thinking is the root cause of all society’s pain and suffering.

Like “the ghost of Christmas Past” in Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, our brain’s version of the past drags the heavy chains of previous shame, guilt, missed opportunities and failures into all its considerations. When our brain contemplates the future, it instantly factors in all its fears, anxieties and worries. And it thinks that is the right way to create the future. 

Worse, the brain observes life from a very limited perspective. It processes information at twenty-four frames per second, which limits it to only being able to acknowledge two of our seven dimensions, physical and mental. The problem is, all our organs and higher functions operate at frame rates of at least 100 frames per second. 

To the brain, it’s as if our spirit, soul and the other five dimensions of our bodymind are non-existent or at best irrelevant. For example, the brain thinks about our feelings rather than actually feeling them, which actually drives the feelings deeper into our bodymind. 

Unfelt feelings build up pressure in our body causing tension, inflammation and irritation. The unresolved tensions force our brain to generate thousands of toxic thoughts. Pet scans conclude that the average person's brain generates 70,000 thought forms per day. And those thoughts will always be about the past, future or some past/future construct.

The way our brain thinks, when not directed by our heart, isolates us from our spiritual connection. We find ourselves going it alone in an unjust world where the brain projects its angst against unfairness, lack and limitation into its perspectives of reality. And this limited and linear perspective of life is so familiar that it seems real because we have thought similar thoughts millions of times.

When our brain is directed by our heart we all have our own particular genius that is as capable of greatness as any of our heroes, but when not directed by our heart, the world it creates is never fulfilling or satisfying.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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