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A character that we just “make up” is more real—and infinitely more powerful—than who we have been conditioned to believe we are. Imagine a character who represents all the positive qualities you would embody “if the world were a perfect place.” Ask yourself,

What would I do, or who would I be if the world were a perfect place and I could do or be anything I wanted?

Dare to invent a character in a role that is a little bit scary, that stretches the limits of what you thought you could ever be. Use your imagination to create that role in a perfect world where you could do or be whatever you want to be. Then step boldly into your creation.

You have to know that the moment you commit, all the fears that have previously kept you from assuming that role are going to come rushing up to the surface of your awareness with a monster-like fury. They always come as soon as you step out of your comfort zone.

Feel all the fears, frustrations, worries or anxieties as they come up. Feeling them through dissolves them into nothingness, destroying the monsters of old mythologies, letting your new character take root. The instant you commit to something, anything, your liver starts up taking all the energy you will ever need to accomplish that goal. It’s important for you to realize that you have every talent and skill you will ever need to handle every challenge that comes at you—if you don’t quit on yourself. And, as it turns out, the world is indeed a perfect place.

Just after I started in practice, I decided to employ this technique once again to define myself as a practitioner. I created a Super Healer character who could help his patients get through every imaginable disease or problem. He was a brilliant doctor who could figure out and resolve any health problem that came up. He interpreted the medical jargon into simple words so he could explain everything to his patients. He did not resist criticism. He saw every patient anew, like a child seeing something for the very first time. He wore polo shirts instead of a tie and lab coat.

Then over the next thirty years I woke up a thousand nights around 3 A.M., sweating, frustrated because I was stuck with the progress of a particular patient. I would wake up two or three nights in a row, frustrated at not knowing how to resolve a specific health challenge. Then by the second or third night, I would wake up with “the answer.” Remarkably, my insights were always right on target.

If I had not created such a bold character—and stepped into it—I would not have had all those 3 A.M. wake-ups, nor would I have achieved those delightful insights. The revelations gave me in-depth insights that also helped me understand a host of similar problems with other patients. With each success my expertise grew.

One step at a time you ultimately become your heroes. Imagine you are watching a movie of your life: in every scene you have the option of being the leading lady or man. Dare to dream. Start paying attention to the background dreams you secretly long for. Often they are dreams you think you can’t do, or that someone else should do them, but they keep coming up in your consciousness. As you allow the dream to form up, you begin to see that you are “the one” to do this.

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Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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