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Heart Operating System

We have two conscious operating systems: Heart and brain. Our brain is our unconscious default system. Every moment we are mindful of basic functions like breathing out strong, standing or sitting tall and feeling our feelings, our heart takes charge of our consciousness. The differences are huge. First, we will discuss the heart operating system.

Our purpose in life is to cherish others, ourselves and the world around us. That’s what we are here to learn. All of the laws of the universe are inclusive, so, when we love everyone and everything and let them love us back, we come into harmony with all creation. Then life makes sense. All life is about choices. Moment by moment we have the sovereign power to choose where we focus our precious attention.

There are no victims. There is no injustice. But we can fritter away large portions of our lives focusing on injustice and victimization, feeling controlled or wanting to make others do what we think is right. We can be angry at others, worry about them or try to fix them. In all these moments, our brain is in charge. We will get into how the brain works when we discuss the brain operating system in the next section.

Our heart innately knows, and desires what our spirit and soul desire. And that is to create our own unique world in a loving manner and then live in it. We each live in our unique world. Everyone and everything in our world needs the unconditional love, warmth and guidance from our heart to be able to achieve their potential and come to fruition.  

Every moment our heart is in charge gives our spirit and soul access to seven incredible dimensions: physical, etheric, mental, emotional, attitudinal, and the dimensions that deals with our beliefs, principles and values. The inner world our heart creates is the real world. The world “out there,” the world our brain focuses on, is the more illusory world.

Our heart—not our brain—operates at fast enough frames per second to listen to our organs. Then our organs—actually organ systems—contribute their incredible talents and wisdom into our total consciousness in real time. That lets our heart create our own unique world in the most efficient and loving manner possible. Our heart then translates all the talent and wisdom from our organ systems into a language our mind can understand and work with. 

All our organ systems operate simultaneously, in real time, throughout all seven dimensions. What that means is: All our operating systems are very simple, and that makes them simple to understand and simple to bring into harmony. Fulfillment and peace of mind naturally unfold like a flower blossoming under the unconditional love, warmth and guidance of our heart.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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