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Spirit, Soul and Bodymind

Who we are is a trinity—spirit, soul and human body—that functions as if it were a single entity. As a spiritual being, our job is to take control of our physical body much as an experienced equestrian takes the reins of a wonderfully challenging horse. 

Our bodymind is a vehicle that gives our spirit and soul access to experience seven incredible dimensions. It aligns with the slower constellation of truth: walking your talk, living in truth, being in truth with its purpose. Our spirit aligns with the higher vibrational constellation of love. When both gratefully work in harmony, life becomes magical.

We are all creators. Each person is co-creating his or her own unique world and our heart—not our brain—is the sovereign ruler of both our bodymind and of our own personal kingdom. Since our heart’s focus is on the higher frequency of love, it naturally aligns with our spirit and soul. 

Our spirit is a creator. Our soul functions as a creator, and the seven-dimensional bodymind we live in for this lifetime is also a creator, making us creators to the third power. Our unified bodymind is a system of exquisite biological circuitry designed to project our vision into the material world. We are an expression of Universal Being, a cell in the One whose consciousness is currently awakening in the human family. 

Whatever we focus our attention on gets manifested into the unique world we create. It does not matter whether we love what we are focusing on, want it in our lives, would never want it in our life or even hate it. If we focus on it, it’s coming at us. So, when we focus our precious attention on all the problems around us, we manifest unending problems into our own unique world. That's how it is for a creator.

Whatever we are focusing on outside ourselves mysteriously manifests into our inner world. We don’t have to love this law, but it is the law.

In sumary, we have two consciousness operating systems, heart and brain. Our brain unconsciously operates within the linear past/future world of time and is designed to keep us alive until we wake up. Every moment we are living in the present moment, our heart is our consciousness operating system. Time just adds it up for us.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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