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While I was still a student at Palmer Chiropractic College my next-door neighbor was one of those quite men whose inner stillness radiated a peaceful calmness. After he graduated and set up practice in Los Vegas, he came back to visit at Homecoming.

As we were talking, he said the government was setting off nuclear detonations every four or five months out in the desert about forty miles from town. He explained that the assault everyone experienced, mostly subconscious, after each detonation would misalign one of their collarbones by putting it out of phase to all seven chakras. He explained that he had to balance the collarbone to all seven chakras before every visit and repeat that procedure every visit for three weeks after every detonation.

Chakras are our most subtle organs. We have seven main chakras, which represent our values, principles and beliefs. They are ruled by our endocrine glands, which bridge spirit and matter. Endocrine glands, like the thyroid and adrenals, are biological receptors that translate higher-frequency information into a language the nervous system can understand, bringing both sensory and extrasensory impressions into our awareness.

The more loving, truthful and decisive we are, the faster the chakras spin and the more rainbow-like their color hues become. Many people can discern them. The darker our thoughts and feelings, the murkier and slower our chakras spin.

Scroll down to the bottom of this article to read about each individual chakra in detail:  

What a collarbone going out of phase causes

A collarbone going out of phase/alignment will cause that shoulder to be painful and have limited ranges of motion. Whichever chakra gets pressured up will cause the area around it to be painful or symptomatic. If it's in the throat chakra, the neck feels "out." If it's in the crown chakra at the top of the head, it can feel like a headache coming on or whole head pressure. If it’s the third eye, in the forehead, the brain can feel overworked or the eyes light-sensitive. 

Over the years, sometimes a patient would need their collarbone balanced when things got too stressful for them, but generally not that often. I wrote this article because now it seems everyone is under assault, coming in with one of their collarbones out of alignment, out of phase to one or more of their chakras on every visit. Their most immediate symptoms are usually neck/shoulder pain and restricted motion on the side of the inflamed collarbone.

Learning to use your Imagination 

We have seven senses, not just the five we were taught in school. As our heart takes charge of our consciousness, our senses also include imagination and intuition. The brain in incapable of imagination or intuition. The brain’s awareness is limited to only two dimensions, physical and mental. Its speed-limit of 24-frames per second is too slow to be aware of intuitive feelings or inflammation. The higher aspects of our bodymind operate at a minimum of a hundred frames per second and beyond. The heart has full awareness at this level, but not the brain.

To sense the inflamed collarbone and chakras, we need to get out of our head and into our heart, like we do to sense feelings. This is where we connect with our imagination.

An out of phase collarbone or pressured up chakras put out a lot of pressure and heatEveryone can observe this pressure. But everyone senses in their own unique way. The big idea is learning to trust what you are experiencing

When the collarbone goes out of phase with the chakras, it puts out a lot of pressure. It’s not subtle. You can perceive it, but only if you trust your imaginationDon’t let your brain talk you out of what you perceive. Einstein was often quoted as saying, “Imagination is more powerful than intelligence.”

Your imagination is not as conditioned by society as your thought processes tend to be. It is yours alone and it is real. Trusting what you imagine you are experiencing is the key that opens this powerful sense to you. Until then, it is dormant.

When you are checking in on your collarbone and chakras, let your fingers keep moving. If you hold your fingers still, they lose their sense of perception within a couple seconds. So, keep your hand moving. The pressure from the involved collarbone goes upward and forward at a 45-degree angle. 

Still in your imagination, does the collarbone that is acting up feel hotter or colder than the other more normal collarbone. Whatever you experience is the truth for you.

The Remedy

To find the contact point on the inflamed collarbone, run your fingers along the top of the collarbone that's inflamed; on the top corner, just before the edge goes down to the breastplate, that is your contact point. That point is the is the command point for that whole side of the body. Be gentle.

Hold that point as gently as if you were pushing on your eyeball. At the same time, put the fingers of your other hand on the chakra that is pressured up. Your chakras are like big energy flowers that are about two inches in diameter, so you don’t have to be totally precise to be fully effective.

While you are balancing your collarbone, imagine an emotional volcano blowing out of that chakra. That visualization keeps your brain fully occupied. No thinking. The process works much better when you breathe out strong and sit or stand erect.

With your brain fully occupied with the visualization, you should be able to release all the pressure within about 40 seconds. 

Balancing the collarbone makes all the pain and discomfort release completely. When the stressful period ends, you usually go for long periods of time with your collarbones staying delightfully balanced. But during times when the stress is high, you may have to balance your collarbones to one or more of your chakras more than once a day.

Although it may be a drag to have to do this procedure every day during stressful times, living with or having your sleep interfered with by the discomfort is far worse. This procedure releases the pain and symptoms immediately. 

The Seven Chakras:

  1. The first chakra at the bottom of your torso connects us to the Earth. When it’s healthy we feel unconditionally loved and know our survival is assured.
  2. The second chakra, below our navel, is our sexual chakra. Its next octave outward is our passion for life. The next octave is charisma and the last octave of sexual energy is compassion.
  3. When the third chakra, in our solar plexus is healthy, we know we are safe. The adrenal glands rule the first and third chakra. When the adrenals are healthy, we feel safe and loved. In distress, our adrenals go into “fight, fright, flight” and life seems difficult, even if it’s not.
  4. The heart chakra and heart innately knows our spirit and soul’s wants and needs. The unconditional love, warmth and guidance our heart provides is essential for everyone and everything in our own unique world if they are to reach their highest potentials.
  5. Our throat chakra, ruled by our thyroid and para-thyroid, represents our ability to speak our truth clearly, succinctly and to express our creativity.
  6. Our “third eye” in our forehead lets us observe the still/calm center beyond all dualities.
  7. Our crown chakra, at the top of the head, opens us to all higher truth and to our spiritual connections. You can read more about the chakras in Section III "Spirit Living in Matter."

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