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There is nothing that exists that should not be. What is, is. Remain within the profundity of your feelings and body sensations. Take a couple deep breaths. Embrace what is, then look around. At every lesson in your life the gift is there, the mystery is there and so is the teacher. Look for them and you will see.

The instant you protest what is, your brain takes control of your life. Thinking “that should not be,” or “I should not have to be doing this,” whisks you out of the moment, and right into the world of time. Your sympathetic nervous system (fight, fright, flight) takes over and there you are, back in the world of pain and suffering.

Protesting any life lesson is very much like rowing out against the incoming tide, really bending the oars to get where you are going, expending an awful lot of energy with very little to show for the efforts. Protesting life’s lessons is exclusionary thinking.

We live in an inclusive universe. All the operating systems in our world are inclusive. All of our physical sciences and laws—from physics, chemistry, astronomy, to the laws that determine how you attract friends, health, intelligence, abundance, or goodness into your life—are based upon inclusion. All of them!

Your work, your relationships and every lesson (that appears to come at you, but actually comes from within you) are meant to nurture you. Life keeps getting better when you train yourself to say yes to life, to cherish all that you are experiencing. Spiritually, your job is to find gratitude in every situation you are in.

Making choices based on inclusion is like rowing along with the tides. You hardly have to row to go for miles. You are in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. What you love, loves you back. What you seek, seeks you with equal intensity. Love draws you into ever more loving situations.

As you learn to awaken sooner and stay awake longer, your realities become more inclusive. As more people wake up, they create more inclusive programs and situations. Your contributions are essential. They give newly awakening people vessels into which they can pour their energies.

Your health and well-being flourish on every level.

Focusing on what you love gently moves you toward your heart’s desires. Worry creates more to worry about. Your life is always moving you toward greater health, or toward “dis-ease,” which becomes disease. Because transformation and change are the only constants in the universe, allow change to move you in the direction of what you love.

You can be grateful for all the blessings this life has for us to appreciate, or you can focus on the distressing problems of the illusory outer world. You get to choose. You always have the choice. By whatever you focus your attention on, you create similar realities in your own unique world. Then you live in it.

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