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Eating too much sugary, starchy food (which viruses thrive on) weakens our immune system and is a big reason people get the flu. 70% of our food needs to be alkaline (vegetables and fruit). During flu season we also need to be taking vitamin C and D-3, zinc and colostrum every day as preventative measures. I previously discussed taking a hot sea salt and baking soda bath to prevent the flu. Several times over the years, I have stopped the flu by immediately going home and taking that bath and really scrubbing down afterward. But that’s not all.

Holidays are rife with intense feelings, good memories and sad, sometimes terrible memories that become part of the pressure cooker of the holidays. All the emotional traumas and wounds that surface around this time need to be felt, which releases them.

All those feelings build up intense pressure inside us, compromising our immune system. They increase our susceptibility to getting a flu. As soon as we become aware that we have been thinking about any negative feelings, we need to go inside and actually feel those feelings.

Feeling our feelings means experiencing them, without our brain thinking about or trying to affect them in any way. That’s how we release our feelings. The more we can experience our feelings, without any dialogue, the healthier our internal environment becomes. Our mind calms down. It’s a healing and peaceful way to experience the holidays.

One of my dear friends is certain she got Covid-19 in February of this year. She was really sick for over a week. None of her remedies helped. One of her friends brought her some yerba santa leaves (an official US pharmacopoeia remedy for coughs, pneumonia and bronchitis) and told her to make a strong tea of it. When she drank it, her symptoms immediately went away.

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