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Inflammation of the kidneys is the number one cause of low back pain. As we learned from reading about the Element of Water, the kidneys are actually our higher mind—with our brain being our lower mind. The one commonality of all human beings is: we are all creators, part of Creator. Because we are creators, there are four things that send our kidneys into distress, and that causes most of the pain we feel in our lower back and sacrum, pain that often radiates down our legs. The four things are:

  1. Wondering what is going to happen: Imagine driving along a country road in the foothills when you come to signs that say “Curves Ahead,” “Slow to 25,” “7% Downgrade” and you throw your hands in the air yelling, “Oh my God! What’s going to happen to the car?” When you put this situation in a skit, it seems silly, even ridiculous. And yet, we do this so often. A problem unexpectantly pops up and we unconsciously say, "Now what's going to happen?" That statement, one we've all made, assumes that someone or something outside of us is creating our reality, driving our car. Remember, we are creators. That is the commonality of all humans. We each create our own unique world—consciously or unconsciously—and it freaks our kidneys out every time we assume something or someone else controls our reality. And everytime we think that way, we get low back pain. That's a downside of being a creaor.

  2. Feeling sorry for someone (or ourselves): When we feel sorry for someone, our unconscious assumption is: they don't have what it takes to handle their problem; they're going to screw it up; and somehow we are going to be responsible. Their spirit gets the message loud and clear and they react as if they heard our thoughts. Their natural response is resentment, and we wonder why we didn't see that coming.

  3. Making excuses for someone (or yourself). Remember, we are all creators. Each one of us has every asset and talent we will ever need to face every situation that we encounter. There are no excuses for not facing up to the lessons that come at us, lessons that our own spirit and soul has put before us. None. When we commit to something—anything—our liver starts up-taking all the energy we will ever need to make it happen. No commitment, no energy, and no future. Commitment gives us the energy to pull off anything we commit to. And nothing outside ourselves can stop something we commit to. They may be able to delay it for a while, but commitment is an unstoppable force.

  4. Bitter disappointment: When we have been anticipating something and it fails to happen, we can feel disappointed. But if we fail to actually feel our disappointment, and let our brain rant on about how we don’t get to have what we want, how things don’t work out for us and hundreds of other scenarios, our low back can go out so bad it feels like a severe pinched nerve. Bitter disappointment can produce the worst low-back pain you will ever experience. Feeling the disappointment and challenging if what we are feeling is honest can usually resolve the pain in a short time.

When you unconsciously find yourself feeling sorry for someone, a far better tactic is to breathe out strong to interupt the unconscious pattern, then mentally go over a checklist of that person’s assets and talents. You can do this every time you find ourself feeling sorry for them. So, if you find yourself being concerned or worrying about a loved one twenty times a day, go over a checklist of their talents and assets twenty times a day.                                                                                                        

There is no such thing as a one-way thought form. When you think something about someone, their bodymind generates a thought form in response. As you are going over a checklist of their talents and assets, they start seeing that they have options. As soon as they see their next step, the light at the end of the tunnel opens up for them. Unlike worry, this actually helps your loved one to get through the hard times. 

Our kidneys are the part of our bodyming where we develop vision about our future. As soon as we start focusing on the vision of what we want to do, the pressure in the kidneys starts to dissipate. The moment we commit to what we wondered about only moments earlier, all the inflammation/heat of the kidneys and liver dissipates in about twenty seconds. Every time that happens, it feels like a miracle, but I observe this happening every day.

When a person complains that it feels like their back is broken, most of the time that’s a kidney problem. Often they are disappointed that something they firmly expected to happen fell through. Until they resolve the dissapointment, the pain will remain. Kidney pain can easlily go to an 8 or 9 on a one-to-ten pain scale. It helps to stretch the psoas muscles a few times a day and drink a lot of water until the low back pain is gone. But the main thing that helps is deeply contemplating whether their disappointment is actually valid. Usually it’s not. That’s why they have so much pain.

We always need to understand that the main purpose for our seven-dimensional bodymind is to provide our spirit and soul access to this beautiful blue green paradise world. And most of our pain comes from being out of alignment with our higher purpose. The purpose of this and all other worlds is so beings can evolve and learn to love, all beings, not just us.

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