Diary > Coronavirus Gift: Time to Wake Up

Throughout history, we have spent most of our lives asleep, our divisive brain in charge of our reality. Until we wake up to our heart being in charge, our brain just reacts to people or events that appear external to ourselves. It spins a constant monologue about all the things we don’t like, problems with work, politics or the people around us that we wished acted differently. The constant mental chatter gives our brain a sense of purpose—and control! The average person’s brain generates 70,000 thought forms every day, mostly protesting what is.

Our brain spins our story after story all day long, caught up in various playback loops about scenes that we wish would go differently. We face similar lessons over and over again, sometimes for years before we say yes to, and accept what is.

The problem is: The brain tends to interpret our lessons as limitations it should not have to endure. It makes up endless stories about our lessons and supposed limitations with stories like “I can’t do what I want.”

Our own spirit and soul bring us our lessons. As we wake up to our heart being in charge, our attention goes toward gratefulness for the goodness around us.

Imagine that Covid-19 is a heaven-sent pattern interrupter whose purpose is to give 4 billion people a time out. To get out of the world of time and into the present moment. During this Covid time, so many of my friends have remarked that “When I can stay in the moment, my life is so wonderful and when I get in my head, life seems so difficult.” 

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