Diary of a Healer

Thinking like a creator

Thinking like a creator We have stepped out of the old world, though we may not know it yet. The old world—our whole history, the past/future world of time where the past dictated the future—was just the fateful way our brain sees reality when not controlled by our heart. With our brain in charge, we […]

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Why People Get the flu

Eating too much sugary, starchy food (which viruses thrive on) weakens our immune system and is a big reason people get the flu. 70% of our food needs to be alkaline (vegetables and fruit). During flu season we also need to be taking vitamin C and D-3, zinc and colostrum every day as preventative measures. […]

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Flu Prevention

There are two windows of time when we typically get the flu, fall and late springtime. By then, our skin pores have become so clogged that the pores get waxy coatings that regular washing with soap and water cannot unclog. That’s when we become susceptible to the flu. Skin is your largest organ. If you […]

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Being in the Moment

Remain within the profundity of your feelings, undistracted. The world just isn’t there. Beyond Intellect, within the mind Nothing arises. As the Great River flows on, whatever meditation, sitting you do Silently, there is virtue in it. THIS is the path of all Buddhas, Enlightened ones. Excerpted from “Toward the Supreme Illumination” by Gyala Karmapa […]

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Learning to Be in the Present Moment

There is nothing that exists that should not be. What is, is. Remain within the profundity of your feelings and body sensations. Take a couple deep breaths. Embrace what is, then look around. At every lesson in your life the gift is there, the mystery is there and so is the teacher. Look for them […]

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Coronavirus Gift: Time to Wake Up

Throughout history, we have spent most of our lives asleep, our divisive brain in charge of our reality. Until we wake up to our heart being in charge, our brain just reacts to people or events that appear external to ourselves. It spins a constant monologue about all the things we don’t like, problems with work, politics […]

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The Whole World Has Lost Its Mind

In January this year (2020), every time I turned on National Public Radio, (NPR) I noticed they were banging the drums of fear. Every time I turned on the radio, which was often when driving, within seconds I would hear “coronavirus.” There was no responsible dialogue about how to stay healthy: how often we need […]

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What Can We Do About the Coronavirus?

According to a hospital executive I spoke to yesterday, the coronavirus is a weak virus that attacks lung tissue. Immune challenged people are the highest risk. If an affected person sneezes on you, or you touch something that they touched, the virus can live on your skin or clothes for about 4 to 5 hours. […]

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How do You Deal with Heart Disease, cholesterol and Diabetes?

Lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar with medication has been compared to “mopping up the floor while the sink is overflowing.” Medications have little to no healing effect because they only treat the results. They do not the cause. The cause is our behaviors. It’s always behaviors. Genetics may load the gun, but our […]

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Starting the Day off Right

I recommend starting each day by clearing out old feelings, making room to experience all the blessings the day holds. For over 13 years, as I walk into the kitchen to make tea, my morning ritual is to check in on what I am feeling. When we do this, the first feelings that come up […]

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Balancing the Collarbone

While I was still a student at Palmer Chiropractic College my next-door neighbor was one of those quite men whose inner stillness radiated a peaceful calmness. After he graduated and set up practice in Los Vegas, he came back to visit at Homecoming. As we were talking, he said the government was setting off nuclear […]

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The Magic of Good Posture

May is National Posture Month. I fell in love with the magical effects of good posture in 1974 and have improved my posture every year since then. The results have been incredible. The integrity of our logic is a direct reflection of the integrity of our posture. Good posture creates a solid foundation for a […]

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Feeling Your Feelings First Thing Every Morning

For about fourteen years, I have made a habit of feeling all my feelings every morning as I have tea. As I walk into the kitchen, my ritual is to check in on what I am feeling. My morning tea is a time of meditation. After a long night of dreams, whether remembered or not, […]

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The Number One Cause of Low Back Pain

Inflammation of the kidneys is the number one cause of low back pain. As we learned from reading about the Element of Water, the kidneys are actually our higher mind—with our brain being our lower mind. The one commonality of all human beings is: we are all creators, part of Creator. Because we are creators, there […]

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Low Back Pain Caused by Muscle/Ligament Strain

There’s a big knob right at the bottom of your low back on either side of the spine. It’s called the posterior superior spine of the pelvis. Chiropractors call it the PSS. One PSS or the other is commonly the epicenter of a lot of low back pain—sometimes both. You can do every type of […]

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Living in “Radical Self-Love:”

Another patient—my friend we will call Robert—came in one day for a regular check-up. He said, “From now on I am going to live my life in radical self-love.” From my understanding of how old feelings must come to the surface to resolve, I knew that as soon as he committed to self-love, his bodymind […]

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Thinking He was Having a Heart Attack

One of my older patients (and dear friend) came into my office one day without an appointment saying he thought he was having a heart attack. He said had to stop three times and sleep for about an hour each time from Truckee to Grass Valley, his heart hammering away in his chest, frightening him. […]

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