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Thinking like a creator

Thinking like a creator

We have stepped out of the old world, though we may not know it yet. The old world—our whole history, the past/future world of time where the past dictated the future—was just the fateful way our brain sees reality when not controlled by our heart. With our brain in charge, we employ "critical thinking," and the elevator doesn’t make it to the top floor.

In the new world, our heart is in charge of our consciousness. We live in the eternity of the present moment with its nearly infinite range of possibilities and probabilities. In present moment consciousness, all our organs lend their incredible talent and wisdom to our heart, in real time, so our heart can create our unique world in the most loving and efficient manner. With our heart in charge, we are as capable of greatness as any of our heroes. 

Thinking like a creator, with our heart in charge of our consciousness, the elevator finally goes to the top floor. But, there are imperatives.

Thinking like a president

If our president’s words are kind, hundreds of thousands of citizens do kind things in response. If the president’s words are inflammatory, hundreds of thousands of citizens do inflammatory things in response. Cynicism ripples out into obstructionistic actions. Distrust from cynical ways of thinking cause people to lose faith, and then act out in fear-based ways. 

In the body, our words cause millions of cells to act in similar ways. All our organs, our 270 billion cells and the unfathomable numbers of microscopic creatures that digest our food and repair our cells are like an entire universe within us. They are completely loyal and devoted to us. And all of them respond in kind to the words we speak and the thoughts we persistently hold. Our next great learning curve is learning to think like a creator.

As creators, all our thoughts and actions magnify out into the world, ripples expanding outward like a president’s words and actions do. Like how our universe is constantly expanding outward. So too are the ripple effects of our thoughts and actions. Our thoughts and actions are important. But the reasons behind them are even more important.

Our spiritual speed 

Our attitude is the spiritual speed that we are evolving down the highway of life. When we allow ourselves to remain irritated or worried, it’s like we are evolving at about one mile per hour. It takes about a month just to make it to a town thirty miles away, and that’s if nothing distracts us. Life doesn’t change much. The best definition of a life of worry, irritation or anger is “same stuff, different day.”

At joy we are going about three miles per hour but life is definitely better. At an attitude of gratitude, it’s like we are evolving down the highway at about twenty-five miles per hour. Now we are starting to see change in our world. We are no longer feeling stuck in dead-end situations. At happiness, we’re going about fifty miles per hour and life is really exciting.

The higher the attitude, the more education it takes to maintain that speed. We have to learn to not look at life so myopically, to not only see the immediate problems around us, but also how much real change has gone on in our lifetime. It takes courage to hold the big picture in our mind. It’s so easy to just focus on immediate issues and grumble, but life sucks when we think that way.

It takes even more education to maintain an attitude of composure. That’s when we know the universe is unfolding exactly as it should, that nothing exist that should not be, that the purpose of life is so all beings can evolve and obtain their most profound desires. To remain in composure, we must hold the bigger picture in mind as we observe the details of life.

Eyes to see”

One of the indicators I look at is how many people are beginning to wake up to their heart being in charge of their life. In 1951, when I was eight years-old, I only knew one person who was awake out of about 400 people. That’s only ¼ of one percent. And that was Northern California. I figured it got worse in other parts of the country and world.

Then between 1964 and 1967, there was a spiritual tsunami that woke up a lot of people. Suddenly, I knew about eighteen people who were waking up. By the year 2,000 I knew about 200 people. Now I know about 900 people. There has never been that many people awake in one area at any time in history. We are truly in the new world that has been foretold by all the different traditions, the world of the present moment.

If you could somehow go back to 1951 and hang out there for a month, you would be appalled by the darkness of how everyone thought at that time. Women and minorities had no power. People believed in fate and were generally unkind. In school, it was within societal tolerances to torture anyone who was different, fat, had buck teeth or tattered clothes. At that time, I could not believe that these were my people.

Then, if you could go back one hundred years and hang out for a month, you would be flabbergasted by how much darker people’s consciousness was from the year 1951. More than 90% of the options in life you take for granted would not be accessible. The further back in time you would go, the darker the consciousness and the more “fate” controlled people’s lives.

With this in mind, if you stop at any moment and look around the circle of your life with a longer timeline perspective, there are more than two million things to be thankful for, and maybe 400 things that upset you. Keep that ratio in mind as you ponder life.

How far we have spiritually grown and socially grown is “the big idea” to stay focused on. Lately a number of people have asked me how I stay so positive and I did not have a ready answer. As I write this entry in December of 2020, I realize that holding a wider view of history is my answer.

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