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The fifth dimension of our seven-dimensional bodymind is the causal, or attitudinal plane. This dimension is ruled by an extensive meridian system that terminates at our fingers and toes. Meridians are the template for our bodymind, forming up before our organs, bones, nervous system or muscles. As our body grows, every tissue in our whole bodymind forms up around the template our meridians provide. On the microscopic level, a meridian terminates in the nucleus of every cell.

The fluid that runs inside our meridians looks like water, but has a high specific gravity like oil. The high specific gravity allows the pressure these rivers of light generate to push out and maintains our aura, a dense, palpable auric field that extends outward about 34 inches all around our bodymind, including above our had and below our feet.

Our aura surrounds us like an egg, insulating us from having to feel the pain or hear thoughts of everyone when they are near us. This allows us to have an autonomous life. The downside from being insulated from other’s pain and thoughts is an erroneous assumption that we are separate from others and all of life.

What are Attitudes?

The energy that makes up our aura is our attitudes, putting them right out there for everyone to observe. Feelings and attitudes are similar. They are either love-based or fear-based. Attitudes are feelings that are more stable over time. They are the result of a decision-making process that considers other factors like values, principles, beliefs and intentions.

Our attitudes can be thought of as the spiritual speed that we are evolving down the highway of life. Everyone is spiritually evolving, but they are doing it at the speed of the attitudes they are generating.

At frustration or irritation, it is like we are evolving at about a tenth of a mile per hour. At anger, worry, indignation, our forward progress has slowed down to about a twentieth of a mile per hour and every day we see more things that make us uptight. At hatred, jealousy, bitterness our speed has constricted down to about a thirtieth of a mile per hour slowing our evolution down so much that the best way we can describe our life is same unpleasant stuff, different day.

The lowest attitude or emotion on the love side of the equation is joy. At joy we are evolving down the highway at more like three miles per hour and life is more rewarding. At an attitude of gratitude, its like we are going twenty-five miles per hour and life is much more exciting and fulfilling. At thankfulness we’re going fifty, but each increase requires more education.

Often, we need to be thankful when our plumbing or car is malfunctioning or we are having some other difficulty. It takes education to keep focusing on the big picture without getting caught up in momentary problems.

The big picture is that we are all creators. This beautiful blue/green paradise world has been provided for our pleasure and enjoyment. But we have free will to create our own unique world within it. We can create a world of animosity, filled with victims and perpetrators, if that is what we choose to focus our attention on.

Our heart’s super power is: It is designed to continually create our unique world in the most loving and efficient manner. That’s if we don’t get distracted by our subconscious brain’s past/future view that is continually focusing on lack, limitation and scarcity.

We have sovereign power to focus our awareness on anything we choose. If we focus on all the things that irritate or anger us, we get more and more to be angry or irritated about.

We all are just making our life up. Look around you and see how many people have created a life just like yours. No one, right?

Most people are not waking up yet, so they let their subconscious brain rule their causal plane by letting it focus on the problems of the world and all the things they don’t like. Whenever you do that, a bad attitude forms up. Their fears are that life’s hard and then you die. If that’s what you believe, that’s precisely what you get.

This is a beautiful blue/green paradise world created solely for our pleasure and entertainment. More people are waking up every day, bringing more light into the planet. The good is getting better, and we have sovereign choice to focus on that. But in this world of polarities, the bad is getting worse. We have sovereign free will to focus on all the things going bad if we want, but there goes the neighborhood.

Attitude is the creative force that moves what we believe into reality. Every moment we are grateful generates more to be grateful for and life is lovely. When we are thankful, we are generating so much more grace and beauty that we become surrounded by it. Attitude is everything.

What Is Neurosis?

Neurosis or neurotic attitudes are behavior patterns that are formed up by all the ways we give our spirit and soul’s power away. Until we wake up and realize that we create whatever we focus our attention on, we get caught up in endless loops that confirm our belief that we have no power.

Believing in injustice, for example, people can go from one whole lifetime of being a victim, building up a lifetime of animosity. Then, they spend their next lifetime self-righteously discharging all that animosity and wind up being a perpetrator. They can spend many lifetimes, caught up in this loop of going from a victim to a perpetrator.

The irony is, we never hurt anyone but ourselves.

As we start waking up, we realize: There is no injustice. There are only people who believe in victims and perpetrators and give up their creative power up to those self-perpetuating and self-defeating roles. And those of us on the sidelines, who are feeling sorry for the victims and resenting the perpetrators, we are part of the problem. By focusing on the problems, we are helping create those illusions. We are creating whatever we focus the awesome power of our attention onto.

We have the power. It is time for us to get our attitudes up into the love-centered ranges and focus our attention on creating our own unique world in the most loving and efficient manner.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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