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Imagination and our Soul

Our definition of who we are is a trinity: Spirit, Soul and seven dimensional bodymind. Our eternal Soul interfaces with us through our imagination. Anytime we imagine something, anything, our Soul projects it onto the screen of our imagination. This allows us to preview what we want to do as many times as it takes until we can observe it exactly the way we want it to turn out. Then we act.

Our Soul projects everything we imagine tirelessly, as many times as we want, for as long as want, for our entire life. This talent Is meant to be used to create our own unique world in the most loving and efficient manner.

When our heart is in charge of our consciousness, our Soul’s sense of imagination interfaces with our bodymind through our stomach system in the element of Earth. The Earth element qualities of being loved like a mother loves us and having clear strong boundaries are meant to be the guiding qualities of our imagination.

When we use our imagination to more effectively create all the intricacies of what we are manifesting, all our abilities are super enhanced.

We are living in the new world, although most people don’t know this yet. In the new world, our heart rules our consciousness. All our organ systems act as highly esteemed cabinet members that lend all their talents and wisdom in real time to our heart so we can create our unique world in the most loving and efficient manner.

In this bold new world, our Spirit guides us through all its first feelings. Our Soul dances with us through its qualities of imagination, guided by the nurturing qualities of the Earth element.

We are the heroes of our story. Courage is our guide. We are breathing up enough energy to exceed in any endeavor we attempt. Our good posture allows all fifteen of our powerful circulatory systems to run at full power.

As we are feeling all our feelings, our Spirit is our constant guide, warning us with bad feelings or encouraging us with good feelings the instant we contemplate doing anything.

Our Soul projects everything we imagine onto the screen of our imagination for us to preview as many times as it takes until we see it occurring in our best version before we act.

We are as capable of greatness as any of our heroes.

How Things Go Bad

When we unconsciously allow our brain to take over, as most of the population of the world yet does, all the enhanced qualities listed above vanish. The brain’s limitation of only being able to recognize the physical and mental dimensions eliminates all the guidance of wisdom and talents that would have come from our organ systems.

Our heart’s enhanced creative thinking vanishes and our elevator only goes up to the level of critical thinking. Our brain’s failure to feel our feelings (it thinks them) effectively shuts down our spiritual guidance. Probably the worse aspect of our brain’s way of thinking occurs with our imagination.

When our brain is in charge of our consciousness, its perception of lack, limitation and scarcity everywhere it focusses our attention channels our imagination toward darker, more limited scenarios. Our brain’s version of the future contains all the failure, shame, guilt and missed opportunities of its perception of the past.

Worse, our brain’s obsessive tendency of focusing on problems, and its tendency to isolate itself away from perceived “others,” causes it to see itself or others as victims or perpetrators. It firmly thinks that the world outside itself is the real world, causing it to feel powerless. Then the brain goes off into rants.

Yeah. That pretty much sucks. I lived way too many years with my brain in charge and life was never that good.

Bringing it back

Now, every year I breathe out strong more of the time. My posture is more erect every year. Every year I am better at feeling all my feelings and the rest of the seven habits keep waking me up more of the time. My brain’s job description is: Servant to my heart. My brain is always beta. My heart is always alpha.

Every year I am more authentic, the author, director and lead actor of my life. Courage is my advisor. I am always attempting to keep my attitudes in ever higher love-centered ranges. And life is so much better than I ever imagined it could be. This is how life is meant to be.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.
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