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Being Decisive

Being Decisive: Iliocecal Valve
Even though ilium and cecum are words used long ago to describe your small and large intestines, the valve between them is still called the ileocecal valve. For your digestion to remain healthy, this valve must stay tightly closed all of the time. It only opens to allow the small intestine to evacuate waste products into the large intestine.

After the evacuation, the valve shuts tight, triggering a neurological reflex for your appendix to inject two squirts of mucous. The mucous lubricates the stool, which is especially important at times when your stool gets too dry. Then your large intestine extracts the last of the metals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, and extracts enough water to firm up the stool.

Your intestines not only digest food. In the higher dimensions of your multidimensional bodymind your intestines also digest all your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, judgments, values, politics, spirituality, relationships, your work, and literally everything you take in. When you are decisive, this one-way check valve only lets digestion and life move in one direction. You become single minded.

As you become more decisive about all the little things in your life, your vision about the big picture of your life becomes progressively clearer. Indecisions blur your vision of the future like television was the early fifties, when the snow obscured the picture so badly you could barely see what was going on.

If you fail to make a decision—especially about little things—your indecision divides your consciousness because it has to make contingency plans for all the possible directions you might go, as if you were going to do all of them. You lose the awesome power of single-minded focus that directs your attention into an unstoppable force.

You are a creator. The foundation of your character is a triangle. The three points of your triangle are cherishing, being truthful, and being decisive. When all three points of your triangle are functioning together, supporting each other, they empower you to create your life simply and effectively.

All the little indecisions weaken your love, devaluing it. They diminish your truth. You wind up standing for nothing. Your values and principles get renegotiated at every intersection of your life. You give others control of your choices, which rarely works out the way you would choose.

How Indecision Causes Physical Pain
Your small intestine is extremely effective at digesting everything you take in. The food you eat takes about eighteen hours in transit, going back and forth through your small intestine until it finally arrives at your ileocecal valve. Your small intestine extracts 95 percent of the nutrition out of it. What is left over is highly toxic, but still has the consistency of a fruit smoothie.

Any indecision, especially the small ones, causes your ileocecal valve to lose its tone and become flaccid. Hundreds of times a day you do activities that tighten your abdominal muscles, forcing toxic wastes through the weakened ileocecal valve and back up into your small intestine. Your small intestine naturally does its job, absorbing the toxic wastes into the bloodstream. This is called auto-toxicity, self-poisoning.

Ninety percent of your lymph glands—the sewer system within your blood stream—are in your armpit and groin. The auto-toxicity resulting from indecision quickly overwhelms the lymph nodes in your groin area. The toxicity always causes one side of your pelvis to twist forward, and one hip to push up higher than the other. The high-side hip usually pushes the shoulder up on the same side. Indecision causes the whole spine to twist up and rotate. It causes a number of vertebrae to subluxate (go out of alignment with pathological consequences).

Indecision causes your pelvis to misalign so badly it appears that you have a short leg, which can seem permanent if you are chronically indecisive. The pelvic misalignments also cause your knees and ankles to misalign. The main cause of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) is indecision, not committing to what you know. At least 90 percent of short-leg situations are simply the inevitable results of indecision. I bet you didn’t know that.

All fifteen of your powerful circulatory systems are greatly compromised by scoliosis and the misalignments caused by indecision. Being indecisive—even though it seems like such a small issue—creates an enormous amount of dis-ease. Your whole body suffers. Over time dis-ease morphs into disease. When you comprehend how devastating indecision is to your overall health, you realize that no one can afford its terrible costs.

Families and friends that are honest with each other in answering all the little questions that come up, without sarcasm, are developing the tools that let them understand and appreciate the breadth and depth of each other’s character. Each person is truly magnificent, but most hide their light from others because of one fear or another. Indecision is the principle mechanism by which we hide from each other.

When you are asked what you want, and you go inside and think “in a perfect world, what would I want?” the answer washes through your consciousness instantly. It is usually subtle, and if you are spacing out, you can miss it. The clearer your answers are to all the little questions in your relationships, the clearer each person’s understanding of the other becomes. Then we all start getting what we desire. Health is simple. It’s disease that’s complicated.

Decisiveness—making the decision, instead of deflecting in some way—is every bit as important as being honorable and cherishing others. It’s a triangle. Each point supports—or detracts from—the other two. It’s ironic that being decisive about all the little things focuses the big picture of your life until it becomes crystal clear.

My friend James tells his daughter when she is indecisive: “Mary, you’re not exercising your ileocecal valve.” That always makes me laugh. Indecision literally throws a monkey wrench into the gears of your life. Here’s how it works: When you make a decision to pursue a goal or plan, all manner of situations are set into motion because of that decision. The spiritual kingdom starts setting up all the things that need to occur at each intersection of your life as you proceed on with your plan. Taking quick actions puts you firmly in the driver’s seat.

Remember, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. If for some reason you procrastinate or become indecisive—your own forward progress stalls out. Since the gears have been set in motion, the opportunity goes on ahead and presents itself. But you were not at the intersection to receive it, and unbeknownst to you, you missed yet another golden opportunity.

Now the good news! As you become more decisive, you end up getting your heart’s desires. Manifesting your desires is the easy part; figuring out what you want and staying committed to it until it is manifested is, by far, the most difficult part of the equation.

Start taking the action steps toward your desires as quickly as possible. The universe loves immediate action. When you arrive at each of the intersections of your life, the teacher is there, the gift is there, and so is the mystery. They are always there at all the main intersections of your life. Start looking for them and you will see.

Being decisive, you arrive at the intersections of life in time to receive the gifts. Your life has more grace. People think that you are just plain lucky. And you are.

Decisions are Emotional
Your ileocecal valve—even though it is between your small and large intestine—is part of your kidney system. How you feel about something you desire is the most significant part of your decisiveness. Your feelings are like amperage in electricity, the pressure of electrical flow. Positive feelings about plans and dreams attract them. Negative feelings push them away.

There is a problem with just holding positive feelings. You cannot sustain positive feelings about anything when negative feelings are lurking about and have not been experienced. It’s just not possible. If you have negative feelings, and you don't actually feel them, they almost always win out. But once you feel the negative feelings, they dissolve. Then they are gone. Once the negativity is out of the way, it’s easy to revel in the positive glow of your magnificent plans and dreams.

Joy is the lowest emotion on the positive scale. Gratitude is higher. The feelings of happiness and the knowingness that everything is exactly as it should be are even higher. The higher up on the emotional scale your positive feelings are, the greater their attraction is to your plans and dreams. So, whenever you are thinking about a dream or something you want to do, always check in on your feelings.

Thinking positively about a goal or plan while feeling negatively is a classic example of indecision. The effects to the body are the same as procrastination or indecision. It’s a schizophrenic outlook, even though most people conduct life that way.

Our job as creators is to experience all the fears that come up until they dissolve. This slays the dragons and monsters that would otherwise block our heroic journeys. Once the negative feelings are gone, we are free to experience the positive feelings that draw our desires toward us. When we experience life in harmony with our organ systems, that's when our lives are fulfilling, enchanting, beautiful and mysterious.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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