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Principles, values and beliefs are generated in the sixth and seventh dimensions of our seven-dimensional bodymind.

What are principles and values?

Values are subjective, personal, emotional, and arguable, while principles are objective, factual, impersonal, and self-evident because they are indisputable. Principles are universal truths based on natural laws. While values govern behaviors, principles govern the consequences of those behaviors. An ethical person does not violate his or her principles.

Principles Defined: A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a belief system, a behavior or a chain of reasoning. A principle is a kind of rule, value, belief, or idea that guides us. Principles provide clarity and directions, even if they don't suggest specific actions. They help us develop our values and to know what is important in our life. Having no principles lets us be swayed by popular opinion or culture.

A principle is something we stand for so strongly that we will fight with everything we have to not break it. An ethical person has a lot of principles.

The Foundation of our Beingness

As a trinity of Spirit, Soul and seven-dimensional bodymind, the foundation of our beingness and of our character is a triangle, like a triangular balance board that we stand on, one that we must keep in balance for our whole life. Rudolf Steiner calls the triangle “heart, mind and will.” Being more of a “rubber hits the road” guy, and having studied Rudolf Steiner’s material, I call the three points of the triangle:

  • Love: Cherish self, others and all life
  • Truth: Living our truth; being honorable and impeccable with our word
  • Decisiveness: Committing; taking fast action; not quitting on our self. Procrastinating is a form of quitting on our self

When we commit to anything, the spiritual world immediately goes into motion. Then, when we get to each intersection of our life, the gift is there, the teacher is there and the mystery is there. Look for them and you will see them.

Because the balance board we stand on is a triangle, each of the three points is as crucial as the other two. They either support or detract from the other two points.

Our bodymind and our subconscious brain operating system both align to the Constellation of Truth. A basic law is: Anytime we are out of truth with ourselves, the altered frequency of the lie causes our bodymind to dysfunction. Dis-ease immediately follows, which if not rectified becomes disease.

Our spirit, soul and our heart operating system align to the much higher frequency Constellation of Love. Love is the foundation of all matter. As creators, we love our world into being. Anything we choose to not love; we invalidate in our unique world.

In this world of time and polarities, decisiveness develops our will forces as we stand up for our values and principles in a world where most do not. Then, in overcoming the difficulties inherent in accomplishing dreams, goals and ultimately our plans, we further develop our willpower.

Within our bodymind, when we commit to something, anything, our liver immediately starts up taking all the energy we will ever need to make what we commit to a reality. No commitment, no energy, no forward progress and no future.

You may remember times when you had no commitments and could hardly get out of bed. And you can see that in others.

Above Down, Inside Out

My first week at Palmer college of Chiropractic, in philosophy class with the famed Dr. Galen Price we learned two guiding principles. The first principle is the law of “Above Down, Inside Out.”

All creation and all healing operate through this principle: The great truths and higher visions of life come to us from above, from the spiritual dimensions. We take them down into our life and own them (above down). Then, against all adversity, we manifest them from within outward (inside out). In this model we are the heroes of our stories, our lives. We each create our own unique world by what we choose to focus our attention on. In this model “believing is seeing.”

The unconscious or subconscious pattern of reacting to what is happening is “outside in, below upward.” In this model, something supposedly happens to us (outside in). Because that is happening, we now must believe and function differently (below upward). In this model “seeing is believing.”

We are no longer the heroes of our lives; we or others are victims, subconsciously reacting to a somewhat hostile environment. Viruses can do that. Sadly, this is still the dominant paradigm. Most people subconsciously believe this model. The whole medical industry operates from this allopathic principle.

The Body Never Does Anything Wrong

The second principle we learned during my first week at Palmer was “the body never does anything wrong.” Immediately, students put their hands in the air. Dr. Price said, “Here we go.” He pointed at a student with his hand in the air and the student said, “What about cancer?” Dr. Price said, “What about cancer? If a person is in an untenable situation, one where they can see no way out, how do you think their body will respond?” A number of students responded, “cancer.”

Dr. Price taught us that our body is more loyal than the most loyal dog you ever imagined, much less had. It always does the very best it can with what you give it. But, and this is the main concept to comprehend, your organ systems take everything you think and say personally as if it’s their fault.

Our brain is a subconscious operating system that relates to everything based on linear time: The past, the future or some past/future construct. This value system views everything from a perspective of lack, limitation and scarcity. When we speak in this way, our organ systems assume it’s their fault. Then that organ system goes into terrible distress. THIS is the basis of all dis-ease, which, if we don’t change the way we think, ultimately becomes disease.

Our brain believes in injustice because of what it sees when it subconsciously views the world that it assumes is outside ourselves.

Our heart innately knows and desires what our Spirit and Soul knows and desires. We each create our own unique world and no one lives in anyone else’s world. The world our heart lovingly creates is the authentic world. Authentic comes from the root word author.

We write the story of our lives. We are the director. And we are supposed to be the lead or at least one of the principal actors of our story. In our heart’s world there is no injustice, but there are people who subconsciously believe in victims and perpetrators, and act out those artificial stories.

Principles we need to succeed:

A short list of principles we need to incarnate to truly be human beings are: Gratitude, thankfulness, kindness, humility, compassion, respect for ourselves and all life, curiosity, optimism, generosity, forgiveness, honoring diversity, persistence, accountability and integrity.

The greatest principle has to do with our attention, the most sacred aspect of who we are. Whatever we focus our attention on, that is what we manifest into our own unique world. No matter what is happening in the world around us, we have the sovereign right to focus our attention wherever we choose.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.
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