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Section III Spirit Living in Matter

Our spirit and bodymind are meant to work together. Only by cooperation can either achieve their most profound desires. The brain is not qualified to be in charge of our consciousness, and should only be the servant to our heart. To take control of our brain and keep waking up to the present moment, our brain needs a fulltime job, the “seven Habits,” which is explained in detail in section I.

The past/future world of time is so seductive that we all fall asleep dozens of time daily. Giving our brain the job of maintaining the seven habits keeps waking us out of the world of time that most people slumber in, and back to the present moment.

Breathing Out Strong (the first habit) draws our spirit down into its home, just below our navel, right in front of the fourth lumbar vertebra. Japanese call this place of power “hara.” Chinese call it the lower tang tien (pronounced dongshin). We Americans and Europeans have no name for this most important part of our body so we have some catching up to do.

Every moment that we are breathing out strong, our spirit settles down into its home where it takes control of our bodymind, similarly to how an accomplished equestrian takes the reins of a wonderfully challenging horse.

We, all of us, are spiritual beings, creators, living in a physical body. We are not physical bodies who have a spirit.

This body we live in for this lifetime is more devoted and loyal to who we are as a spirit than the greatest dog any of us have ever had, or even known. But we have a very great problem: Our bodymind takes everything we think and talk about literally. Every moment we let our brain focus attention on unhappiness about the world outside ourselves, our bodymind assumes complete responsibility as if it’s our bodymind’s fault. As a creator, part of growing up is realizing the wonderful—and terrible impact our every word has on our bodymind.

The next great step in our education as creators is learning how to take control of our bodymind. Mindfulness is being aware of breathing out strong, being erect, feeling all our feelings, trusting our gut, shaking off traumatic events like a cat, being decisive and cherishing everyone and everything. The seven habits are “the reins” for taking control of a wonderfully challenging bodymind.

In the Five-Elements section, we learned how each organ system operates. Now it’s time to review our spirit’s role as creator in directing each organ system efficiently.

Our Spirit’s role Through the Five Elements

Our every thought and word functions as commands to our organs and to our bodymind. Let’s review the element of wood—liver and gallbladder. Our liver, as the architect of our life, listens in on all our thoughts and conversations. Then it draws up plans to have more of that in our lives. If we are focusing our attention on something, no matter whether we love it or would never want it in our lives, that’s what we are manifesting into our own unique world.

Our gallbladder’s job is to make good judgments about everything and everyone in our lives so our liver’s plans have basic integrity. Then, the instant we commit to something, our liver starts up taking all the energy we will ever need to accomplish whatever we have committed to.

Until we realize the constructive and destructive power of our thoughts and words, we send confusing commands to our liver system. It is appropriate, at the beginning of our planning process to have doubts and to question whether having what we want would be good for us and everyone involved; how it affects our family, our beliefs, values and principles; whether it would be good for our soul development. But once we determine our course of action, we need to switch our focus to becoming single-minded, and not let our unruly brain create more doubts.

Our faith can move mountains, but our doubts put the mountains there in the first place.

Becoming single-minded means not letting our unruly brain keep injecting its doubts and fears into our thinking process after we have decided our course of action. Each doubt creates secondary goals our liver must manifest. The more doubts we let our unruly brain generate, the more confusing the outcome becomes until the end result is unrecognizable.

Then, to make it worse, we let our unruly brain muck around, focusing on all the problems outside ourselves, like politics, conspiracy theories or work and family problems. Our liver must design similar kinds of problems into our own unique inner world as the problems we were focusing on outside ourselves. Ouch!

Element of Fire

Our heart is the root of life itself. It innately knows what our spirit and soul wants. Its goals and the goals of our spirit are similar. Our heart wants to create our unique world in the most loving efficient manner and wishes the same for every other person and for all of life. Our heart cannot do this and protect itself, so it has three systems that function like imperial bodyguards.

Our heart protector system (our pericardium) serves as ambassador and personal bodyguard of our heart by forgiving everyone and everything that causes us pain by simply feeling all the feelings involved.

Our three-heater system keeps our torso’s three spaces at just the right temperature by pulling the focus of our attention back from the illusory world outside ourselves, and focuses our awareness on our unique world that exists here and now.

Our small intestine, the heart’s third ambassador and bodyguard protects the heart by bringing everything that is nurturing to the heart while letting everything that is non-nurturing to simply pass on by. It does not resist or fight against evil, but let it pass on by while single-mindedly keeping our focus on what is nutritional in our life.

Element of earth

Our stomach takes in and ripens our food by acidifying it. Our stomach also ripens all our relationships, plans and dreams, values, principles and beliefs by thinking them through. If we wait for something to happen and then react to them, we will always have stomach problems. Through our stomach we develop imagination.

Our spleen and pancreas are the part of our consciousness where we develop clear boundaries and have good distribution, not only in all the fluid dynamics of our physical body, but in all our relationships. Thinking that we do not have enough time or resources to do what we want to do causes our spleen to believe it has failed us. And that always causes the spleen system, including its meridians and muscles to go into terrible distress.

Element of Metal

The element of metal is our connection to the higher spiritual kingdoms. The lungs breathe in our higher truths and visions. Anytime that we negate our own truth or visions of life, our lung system, sinuses and throat experiences distress.

Our large intestine system allows for transformation and change in our life. Holding on to things that have outlived our needs or wishing things could go back to the way they were causes distress to our lower GI system.

Element of Water

Water represents feelings, ruled by the kidneys and bladder. Feeling all our feelings, and being insightful about them develops intuition, and transforms us into more spiritually evolved beings. Our kidneys are the part of our bodymind where we decide whether the vision our lungs breathed in needs to be accomplished by us personally.

Because we are creators, wondering what is going to happen is such a disempowering way of thinking that it causes our kidneys go into distress. Believing in injustice, being concerned or making excuses for another diminishes that person, essentially denying their spiritual reality. And that always throws our kidneys into distress. Kidney distress causes 90% of all low back pain. But the greatest distress and resultant severe low back pain comes as our kidney’s response to being bitterly disappointed about how some part of our life turned out.

Our bladder’s job is feeling all our feelings. Unfelt feelings build up emotional pressure in our whole bodymind. The pressure causes the brain to generate one past/future-based thought form after to mentally justify not feeling those feelings. Since most people have not yet learned to feel their feelings, pet scans reveal that the average person’s brain generates 70,000 thought forms per day. Worse, unfelt feelings generate a pain body, and every year the pain worsens, causing most of the pain we experience,

When we make a habit of feeling all our feelings, the brain ceases its chatter. We go for minutes with no other thoughts than perhaps noticing something of beauty in our environment. When we start feeling all our feelings and are insightful about them, our world more than doubles in magnificence.

The Seven Dimensions We Access Through our Bodymind 
Our bodymind provides our spirit and soul access to seven incredible dimensions. Within our bodymind, all seven dimensions operate simultaneously while completely interfacing with each other in real time. That means, all our organ systems and all seven dimensions have very simple operating systems. And that makes them easy for our spirit to understand and control. Each dimension gives our spirit and soul profound wonders to experience:

  1. Physical: The physical body gives our spirit access to all manner of adventures and movement: all the different sports, dancing, hiking, swimming, making love, eating sensuous foods and enjoying this blue-green paradise world through all our senses.
  2. Etheric: This is the energy double to our physical body and gives the most direct reflection of our overall health. When we hold a blouse or shirt up to the mirror and look at how the color of the garment either enlivens our face or diminishes it, we are looking at our etheric body. This body directly responds to the quality of our food and drink, exercise and rest. When we look at the “color” in a person’s face we are glimpsing their etheric body. Their color directly reflects their vitality, or lack thereof.
  3. Mental: The third dimension gives our spirit access to all the physical sciences, philosophies, religions, mythologies, cultural mores and all the ways we communicate with others. The mental realm operates through our brain and nervous system. Until quantum physics, all our sciences were restricted to only considering the physical and mental realms, as if the other dimensions didn’t count. Scientists are awakening to the wonders of a multi-dimensional universe.
  4. Emotional: Every moment that we feel the feelings that come up, and reflect on them, gives our bodymind access to the eternal wisdom of our spirit. Becoming aware of, and feeling all our feelings, expands all the horizons of our awareness and helps us to spiritually evolve at a much faster rate. The kidney/bladder systems rule this dimension.
  5. Causal: The fifth dimension is ruled by our acupuncture meridians, which exert enough stable pressure to maintain our auric field, a discernable energy field that extends out from the body about three feet in all directions, including above our head and below our feet. Our aura, or auric field, has the shape of a big energy egg surrounding our physical body. It insulates us from having to experience everyone’s pain and thoughts when they are in close proximity to us, giving us autonomy to live our own life without undue influence from everyone around us.
  6. Attitudinal: The sixth dimension—ruled by the endocrine system— produces hormones that stabilize our emotions and allow us to discern sensory and extra-sensory perceptions and translate them into a language our heart-ruled mind can assimilate. This is where we develop our attitudes about what we want to do, what we like or dislike, what we accept or reject. When our awareness expands into this system, our values and principles define our attitudes, thoughts and actions.
  7. Enlightenment: The seventh dimension is ruled by our chakras. Our chakras are the subtlest organs of our body, with very subtle, flower-like petals that spin faster and develop pure rainbow-like colors as we become more loving, truthful and decisive.


The organs of our sixth and seventh dimensions are our endocrine glands and the chakras they represent. This is the part of our bodymind where we develop values, principles and beliefs.

Chakras are the subtlest organs of our bodymind, energy vortexes that appear to have flower-like petals like a daisy. Many people have learned to discern chakras. The energy of chakras is rather dense so most people can discern them if they attempt to.

Unresolved emotions like jealousy, anger, malice or worry cause the colors of our chakras become murky and dark, slowing their spin, shutting down access to spiritual wisdom.

As we become mindful, more loving, truthful and decisive, the chakras develop purer rainbow-like colors. As we grow and mature spiritually, the chakras spin faster and appear to develop more petals. The thousand acupuncture points all over our body are like mini-chakras, smaller vortexes of energy.

Since our spirit puts out more energy than our physical body can contain, the energy spinning out from our chakras and acupuncture points trails out behind us like the wake of a ship. The great mystery is how the energy generated by our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, principles, values and beliefs become the world we then observe.

The Seven chakras:

  1. The first—the perineum at the bottom of our body—is often called the survival chakra. When this chakra is healthy, we know that we will always have enough to eat, a place to live and be able to survive and care for our loved ones in the physical world. As a spiritual being, this chakra matures as we teach our bodymind that we are unconditionally loved.
  2. Below the navel is our sexual chakra. The next octave of sexual energy is our passion for life. When we are passionate about what we do, we start developing charisma, the third octaveThe highest octave of sexual energy is compassion. When this chakra is healthy, we know that we are an integral part of every aspect of life, beginning with family, school and any group we are affiliated with.
  3. The third chakra, solar plexus, directly over the stomach, develops as we learn to feel safe while manifesting our power in the world through our work, plans and dreams. It blossoms as we feel nurtured, develop firm boundaries and accept the sweetness of life. The adrenal glands rule the first and third chakras. The adrenal glands are part of the triple heater system in the element of fire. Our main job as a spirit is teaching our body that it’s safe and loved.
  4. The fourth, the heart chakra rules our consciousness. Everything and everyone in our world needs the unconditional love, warmth and guidance of our heart to flourish and achieve their potential. Our heart’s superpowers are cherishing our loved ones into being the best version of themselves, and forgiving any pain they may have caused.
  5. The throat chakra develops fully as we learn to clearly speak our truth and express our creativity. Only taking our consciousness up to the level of critical thinking, instead of the next higher level of creative thinking clogs up our throat chakra as badly as choking back our truth or not having a creative outlet.
  6. The third eye in the forehead develops as we learn to recognize the eternal truths between all dualities: like Republican vs Democrat, good vs evil, right vs wrong and all the thousands of other polarities. Rumi, the mystic poet said, “Out beyond the doing of good or doing of bad there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Our third eye gives us access to that field.
  7. The crown chakra at the top of our head connects us with Creator, the entire angelic kingdom and the Akashic records, the archive of all past and future truths. Meditating on this chakra can take us into the heavenly worlds.

As creators, whatever we focus our precious attention on mysteriously creates our own unique world. One person focusing their attention on what makes their heart feel most alive is doing more healing to the world than hundreds of people that are concerned about or protesting what is wrong in the world.  Every moment we have the sovereign choice of where we focus our precious attention.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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