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The element of earth is the largest and most complex of the elements because all the other elements exist within it. I have italicized all the words that represent the qualities of the earth element to make it easier to see them at a single glance. 

One of the most profound qualities of Earth is being held, not only when you were a baby, but developing friendships and relationships in your current life where you feel held at times by your friends and associates. When your earth is healthy, you are getting the nourishment you need. You are creating situations where the fruit of your activities are continually providing you with the sweetness of life.

In order to create your life in a way that feels safe, you must develop firm boundaries. Start noticing all the ways that you have good distribution in all areas of your life, and when you have enough

You have seven senses, not five. Imagination is developed in your stomach. When you want something, imagine yourself having what you desire, as opposed to wanting it. Even though some things could take months or years to manifest in linear time, you have them the whole time. It's just that they will not fully manifest until that time.

Most of us think about what we want, and within a couple of breaths come up with all kinds of reasons why we can't have it. Our bodymind is so literal that all those thoughts are actually commands that directly compete with our desires. It's easy to see how confusing the end results are when our thoughts contradict themselves. Doubting is literally praying for what we don't want. Because we are creators, our faith and trust can literally move mountains, but our doubt puts them there in the first place.

Make a habit of noticing all the ways that you have an abundant harvest on every level—body, mind and spirit. Then you are nurturing a healthy earth element into being in your own unique world. Developing more gratitude in your life is a powerful force that attracts more of what you are grateful for into your world.

Consider that every person is a powerful spiritual being that has every tool and asset they will ever need to handle every situation they will ever face. Period. Then you are actually seeing them. You are resonating with their true nature, who they are as a spirit, instead of resonating with their faults.

 “Concern,” an unconscious default, is just a subtler form of worrying. If you really flesh out what worry or concern means: It implies that (they) aren’t capable enough, that they are going to screw it up and somehow it's going to fall back on us. The awesome power of our attention literally collapses all the possibility and probability waves that don’t line up with how we imagine they will handle the problem. And the effect of our attention is so strong that they usually screw it up just like we imagined they would.

We have to come to full stop to break any dysfunctional pattern, even if only for a microsecond. Breathing out strong is an efficient a pattern interrupter that breaks the unconscious pattern of worrying. Then go over a check-list of that person's strengths and assets. Their spirit gets the message, and that actually helps them to be aware of their assets and talents, whereas feeling sorry for them is like throwing your own blanket of gloom over their already difficult situation.

You can nurture the element of earth with yourself similar to the way a mother loves her child by truly loving yourself. That love becomes a stable foundation for feeling secure. As a spirit, you should love all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of your body. After all, it is the finest gift you will ever own. And all your "faults" connect to a potential genius quality. For example: impatience connects to your passion for life.

Your greatest security comes from knowing that you are safe and loved. As a spiritual being, you are completely safe and unconditionally loved. It is your job teach that your bodymind. Every dysfunctional thing any of us does comes from not feeling safe and loved.

If we did not get the support or attention we needed growing up, we can act out in all kinds of dysfunctional ways, our development fixated in some traumatic early stages of childhood. As adults, we may still be crying out for love, support, attention or sympathy—acting out those fixations in unconscious attempts to get the attention we are missing.

Lack of nurturing can manifest outward in a number of ways:

·       Projecting the missing nurturing into a compulsion to overeat or some other addictive/compulsive avenue 

·       Being so fixated on what we don't have that we fail to recognize how bountiful our own harvest actually is

·       Develop eating disorders or other destructive behaviors to sedate our longing for sympathy 

·       Excessively fishing for compliments, or sympathy, but never seeming to get enough 

·       Being so focused on getting our own needs met we fail to nurture others when they need it 

·       Feeling entitled to the love and attention we desire, acting out when we don't get it 

·       Giving away our harvests (even though we really need it) until we fade away into martyrdom 

·       Obsessively nurturing others, whether they need it or not, to compensate for our own lack of nurturing

On the opposite extreme, Earth imbalance may show up as a person who will: 

·       Refuse sympathy of any kind 

·       Avoid asking for help, and will reject it if it is offered 

·       Lack sympathy for others

.       Not receiving compliments

Blaming our parents for our lot in life is not a good life strategy. If we didn’t get the nurturing that we needed growing up, the sense of lovingly being held is a quality we can cultivate and nurture within ourselves as adults. We can help others to feel held while nurturing relationships with people who make us feel held.

As a spiritual being we know we are safe and loved. Our job is to teach that to the bodymind we live in for this lifetime. Learning to feel safe and loved creates a stable foundation for every aspect of our life.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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