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The Universe Wants to Communicate with You

The Universe Wants to Communicate with You

The entire elemental kingdom—plants, animals, rocks, rivers, and wind—desires to communicate with you, and functions as an extension of your subconscious mind. All of nature is in fact intelligent, and desires to be in relationship with you.

When you accept the fact that there are no random events, life’s mysteries open themselves to you. Native Americans have long believed that birds and animals act as messengers of the spirit world. Their presence in your life always has meaning. For example, if a skunk or a deer in the road forces you to slow down or stop, the deer may be your sub-conscious mind telling you that you need to be sweeter and gentler, that there is great power in the innocence of love.

The skunk may be telling you to be more aware of how your reputation affects the world around you, or of not releasing your sexual energy so casually. Your sexual energy may need to be elevated. Sexual energy is just one octave of the energy that flows from the energy center below your navel (second chakra). The octave above sexuality is your passion for life. The octave above that is charisma. The highest octave of sexual energy is compassion.

When a red-tail hawk flies past me, I immediately ask myself “what was I thinking just now?” Invariably my thoughts were of something I was considering doing. The hawk’s message in that situation is, “Yes! Do it.” There are two books that outline how the animal and bird kingdom desires to communicate with us: Medicine Cards by Jamie Sans and David Carson, and Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. A lot of our friends use these two books as reference books for understanding their encounters with these messengers.

Your spirit’s voyage of discovery is not only to explore the universe outside yourself, but also the dimensions within yourself. You have vast dimensions within your consciousness that await discovery. There is so much richness to discover in the subtle kingdoms of your seven-dimensional bodymind. There is even more to access in your spirit, soul and the spiritual kingdoms that patiently beckon us to enter.

As you open up to the glories of your inner life, your current vistas become the starting point of a journey in which the world of your heart, mind, and spirit keeps on doubling in size and glory. To embark on this voyage of discovery, your rational mind, your brain, must relinquish its role as ruler of your consciousness, and allow the true Ruler, your heart, to take control.

Getting Back in Phase with Life
When I was eight years old, I had six intense spiritual experiences spread over a month-and-a-half period. By the end of that time, I was left with a lot of clarity about the nature of the conscious and unconscious states, especially for someone my age.

I observed then that of the approximately four hundred people I personally knew, there was only one person, my Uncle Ted, who was actually awake. Unlike the other people I knew, he continually chose to cherish others. He never created dramas. His focus was on the goodness within each person. He lived his values. Everything about him seemed right as rain.

At that time, my observations were that only the teeniest trickle of people’s energies went inward to the goodness within themselves. Almost all of their energy, as far as I could tell, went outward toward objects or concepts they unconsciously considered “outside themselves.” 

Inner values faded into the background any time money or their way of life was challenged. Most people spoke of higher values, but when it came down to what they did, circumstances outside their selves usually took precedence over inner values.

The way people related to each other seemed backward, like it went the opposite direction that consciousness should flow. People’s value systems seemed to be turned 180 degrees opposite of what was real.

I firmly believed there had been a terrible error. Somehow a mistake had sent me to the wrong planet. These were not my people. The meanness and intolerance everywhere was depressing to observe. From today’s perspective, 1951 was an intolerant period. We have evolved a long way since then.

During that time, my father asked me to help him when he was tuning a car in his shop. He asked me to start the car, put my foot firmly on the brake, put the car in drive, and slowly let off on the brake so the car would creep forward. I did that, and the car crept backward. He yelled, “Put it in drive!” I told him it was.

He came around and stuck his head in the side window and saw that the car was, in fact, in drive. He told me to put the car in reverse and slowly let off on the brake. I did, and the car crept forward.

He had me put the car in park and set the emergency brake. Then he said, “Turn the radio on.” When I did, all we heard was loud static. He revved the engine from under the hood. Static and the sound of pistons firing was all that could be heard through the radio’s speakers.

He had me shut the engine off. He said he had put the distributor in 180 degrees out of phase to how it should be. That caused the pistons to fire in reverse order. It made the crankshaft rotate opposite to the normal direction. That was why the car went backward in drive and forward in reverse.

When I asked about the radio, he said, “With the pistons firing in reverse order, the electrical current to the condenser was on the wrong side of the coil. The sound of the pistons firing had already occurred before the current into the radio could be suppressed.”

After he got the engine running and timed, the car crept forward when I put the transmission into drive. This time, when he asked me to turn the radio on, sweet music, beautiful and clear, came through the speakers.

I realized that when a person’s focus is 180 degrees out of phase, positions are more important than cherishing people. There are “reasons” for being unkind and not loving others. Huge blocks of their time were taken up with protesting what is, thinking that this problem should not be happening to them, or wondering why it was happening to them. That way of thinking always creates pain and suffering.

I saw that when we are spiritually awake, most of our awareness goes inward toward our heart’s values. Inner values, principles and beliefs drive our thoughts and actions. A person who is focused on doing something positive and focusing on the good in others is like clear sweet music. They are so much more interesting than people who are focused on any concept that has rules imposed from outside themselves, like most religion or politics. 

A person who really “hears” what others are saying is so refreshing. Most people listen with their mouth open, only waiting for the other person to stop talking so they can say what they think.

When I thought about my Uncle Ted, I could see clearly that in the presence of a conscious, loving person, it’s easy to see that cherishing others, and yourself, is the path to walk. His awareness went toward cherishing people and accepting “what is.” He seemed to spend more of his time in the here and now. His presence had a liberating effect on everyone around him.

When our heart is in charge of our consciousness, everything “out there” progressively reflects our inner values and principles. When we focus our precious attention on what we cherish and what we want to do or be, we are lovingly creating our own destiny. Our actions tend to be inclusive; they invite others to participate. Our lives move in positive directions. Our choices show others better ways of being in the world. When cherishing others is our motive, we tend to blaze new paths, which leave trails for others to follow.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.
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