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How Our Heart Functions

Every minute of our life, about five liters (1.3 gallons) of blood passes through the heart. Despite what we have been taught, our heart is not a pump. The top of it isn’t thick enough to pump blood through the almost 62,000 miles of blood vessels in our body. Arteries pump the blood out to all our extremities by peristaltic contractions. When you feel a pulse, you are feeling a peristaltic contraction that originated at the heart as it travels out to that extremity.

Externally, our beating heart generates a toroidal energy field similar to the magnetic energy field that stabilizes our atmosphere—like the north/south poles of our earth—radiating outward in all directions to support our atmosphere. It’s like the north pole comes out the top of our head and the south pole coming into the bottom of our torso. South of the equator, this would reverse: The South pole would most-likely relate the head and north pole the bottom of the torso.

Our energy field projects outward approximately 10 feet in all directions. Our heart’s energy field can positively affect everyone within twenty feet of us as our energy fields comingle. Or we can bring people down.

Internally, as blood passes through our heart, it goes out the aorta like a cyclone. This cyclonic energy "structures" the blood most strongly as it is passing into the stomach, spleen and liver, energizing the blood in magical life-enhancing ways, enlivening all our blood’s qualities. We are just now beginning to learn about these effects.

Our heartbeats generate 10,000 times more electromotive force than our brain puts out, with enough neurons to be a brain. 60% of them are focused toward controlling which one of the four lobes of our brain that we are functioning through.

Our heart is designed to be the ruler of our consciousness. Our brain is designed to be the heart’s servant, like a valet or lady in waiting. A good servant needs a well-deliniated job description. I give my brain “the seven habits,” found in the seven habits section of this blog. I recommend others do the same. If not directed by the heart, the brain will always focus on problems, creating endless problems for us to deal with. Not good.

When the brain is fully occupied with keeping us focused on breathing out strong, sitting/ standing erect, feeling all our feelings, it’s like building your house on a solid foundation, one that will withstand everything life throws at you. The more we can be mindful of all seven habits, the more poised we are to pursue our own unique “hero’s journey.”

The seven habits keep bringing us back to the present moment. Shamans have always maintained that there are two world, one illusional, and one world authentic. Authentic comes from the world author. We write the story of our life. We direct it. We are the leading lady or man of our story, not some supporting actor. And our heart is designed to be the undisputed ruler.

When we are living in the present moment, all our organs function as a benevolent ruler’s wise and highly esteemed cabinet members. Our heart graciously invites them all, in real time, to contribute their incredible talents and wisdom into the singularity of our consciousness as our heart lovingly rules over its kingdom.

Our heart is the closest thing to God that we will know on this side of the veil. It can be thought of as the root of life itself. It wants to love everyone and everything, which means we need to do trainloads of forgiveness. Our heart never relinquishes its childlike quality of loving, no matter how badly we may have been hurt by life.

Our unconditional love influences whatever and whomever we focus our attention on to mature to their highest potential. Every cell and organ functions best when receiving the loving warmth and guidance that comes from our heart. Without that love, no part of our body can mature to its full potential. The same is true with our plans, dreams and all our relationships with friends, associates, relatives, children pets and the environment we are co-creating.

For example, when we lovingly expect children, co-workers, friends or pets to be successful, kind, and brilliant, they consistently exceed our expectations. On the other hand, no matter how much we love them, if we inwardly expect them to screw up, they will consistently exceed our expectations. The latter version creates love/hate relationships. Our attention is that powerful.

The heart's unconditional love improves every aspect of ourselves and our world, influencing us all toward being our best, illuminated self. Many people’s lives were changed by just one person seeing their true potential.

The heart meridian runs its energies most intensely from 11 AM to 1 PM. This is a time to relax and enjoy a good lunch. This is prime time for lovingly reflecting on the unique world each of us are creating.

The Heart’s Three Imperial Bodyguards
The heart cannot unconditionally love our own unique world into being while protecting itself. Those are mutually exclusive concepts.

Learning about the heart's three imperial bodyguards in the next sections dramatically expands our awareness of all the heart’s functions.

The Western medical physiology model of our heart is linear and terribly incomplete. The first three years of every doctor in America or Europe is taken up with anatomy, physiology and pathology, the basic sciences. In this model, the brain is in charge and only the physical and mental bodies are actually recognized. Emotions, attitudes, principles, values and beliefs as well as our spirit and soul are ignored at best and generally treated as if their impact on our health is minimal.

In the next sections we learn that our heart has three imperial bodyguards: Small intestine, heart protector and triple heater. The small intestine protect and nourishes our heart by bringing everything nourishing to the heart and letting everything that is not-nourishing to simply pass on by. And the three-heater keeps bringing our awareness back to the real world, the unique world each of us is creating.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.
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