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Spiritual Awareness

The energy of our spirit is most like the energy of our feelings. Both are expansive, filling up all the space. It’s just that spiritual energy is lighter, more ethereal and emotional energy heavier, more like the element of water.

When we listen with our whole body and not just our brain, we feel the truth of what’s being said, or the lie. We feel it. This is how we develop and hone our intuition, one of our seven senses (not just the five we were taught in school). We mature spiritually as we learn to feel progressively more of our feelings every year.

Our spirit communicates with our bodymind through our feelings, especially our first feelings. Whenever we intend to do something, anything, our first feeling is our spirit’s direct communication to us.

Time, as we know it, only exists for our bodymind. Our Spirit and our Soul are eternal, so for them, everything is happening here and now. If something is going to happen tomorrow, it is here and now to our Spirit and also to our Soul. They always see things coming long before our ego personality and want to help us navigate the maze.

Before any good thing ever happened to us, our spirit expressed a good feeling when we first intended to do it. Our spirit’s first feeling can be intense or subtle, but it only lasts for a brief moment, usually less than a second. Then it’s gone. No residuals. If we are not paying attention, we miss out.

Likewise, before any bad thing ever happened to us, we got a bad feeling when we first intended it or a bad feeling when we got our first glimpse that something was coming. Chances are, we proceeded onward anyway. Then, when it went bad, deep down, we always knew it was going to.

Spiritual wisdom is learning to immediately go inside and feel whatever feelings are coming up, not just thinking about them. The instant we fail to feel a feeling that comes up, we go unconscious. Feelings are hundreds of times more important than our thoughts.

It is good to allow our brain to wonder why we experienced those feelings, but not until we actually went inside and felt them. Then, allowing our brain to question why that feeling came up lets us see behind the curtain, to observe the backstories, the “why” of what is or was going on.

Waking Back Up

Because our brain’s 24 frames per second processing speed only lets it recognize the physical and mental dimensions, our brain was only meant to be in charge of our consciousness until we woke up. Our brain is our subconscious operating system.

Our heart is always meant to be Alpha, the operating system in charge of our consciousness. Our brain is meant to be beta, a completely devoted servant to our heart, only doing or thinking about what the heart is doing.

The brain needs, as beta, to take its direction from the heart, being truthful, loving and decisively being the hero of our own dream, operating from our own values, principles and beliefs.

As servant, the first three habits (Breathe Out Strong: Stand Up Straight: Feel all our Feelings) need to occupy most of our brain’s operating bandwidth, keeping us firmly in the present moment where our heart rules our consciousness.

When we are in the present moment, our heart takes in all our organ system’s incredible wisdom and talents, integrating all of that effortlessly, in real time. Our heart is designed to create our own unique world in the most loving and efficient manner. It innately knows and desires what our Spirit and Soul desires.

Then when we have a profession, art, hobbies or something we can put our passion into, something that serves mankind and makes the world a better place just because we are here, it is then that our genius qualities develop and bear fruit.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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