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Your Three Heater system

The third Imperial Bodyguard of our heart is called the three-heater official, triple burner, or triple warmer. It is the part of our consciousness that is responsible for keeping the temperature in the three warming spaces into which our trunk just the way we like it, regardless of the circumstances or the outer temperature:

·       The upper warming space contains our heart and lungs.

·       The middle warming space is the part of the torso that includes the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach, and spleen.

·       The lower warming space includes the small and large intestines, kidneys, bladder, and sexual system.

All our organs within our torso represent particular portions of our total consciousness. They all work better when the temperature is in the Goldilocks zone. When one or more of our three warming spaces becomes over-heated, the organ systems in that space get agitated, causing them to function with less efficiency. As a result, we become agitated and are far less productive.

Every moment we are focusing on problems outside ourselves overheats all three warming spaces and throws our nervous system into sympathetic dominance, which is also knows as the fight, fright, flight response. Feeling threatened, we automatically shut down our immune system, digestive system and sexual system and shunt all that power into our muscles and sense organs so we can survive the supposed threat. 

On the other hand, when we become indifferent to the world around us, there is not enough warmth in one or more of our warming spaces. Some people experience this as having cold hands and feet, while others might experience depression or feeling uninspired. When our fire element lacks warmth and joy, it feels like our spirit can’t match energy with the other party revelers.

When the triple-warmer official gets out of balance, we lose the ability to keep our emotional and social thermostat in balance. We can blow hot and cold. These kinds of mood swings drive friends and loved ones to desperation. We oscillate between overenthusiasm and indifference, making it is difficult for others to maintain anything like an appropriate balance with us. This particular imbalance has sent a lot of people to counseling or divorce.

For this reason, the triple-warmer official has been referred to as the heating engineer. When our body’s temperature is maintained just the way we like it, we are more inspired to achieve our maximum creativity and productivity. Yeah!

The meridians of the triple heater run most intensely from 9 to 11 PM. This is the time at the end of your day where it’s beneficial to reflect on all the goodness that has come into your life and power down into sleep mode. 

Keeping our Three-Heater Balanced

We always knock our three-heater out of balance by focusing our precious attention on problems outside ourselves, dysfunctional acts of others, or stuff we don’t like. We can go for days, weeks, months or years with our life force dissipated by problems outside ourselves. 

Our three-heater comes back into balance the microsecond we pull our awareness back to the unique world we are creating or focus on the people or things we love. 

We maintain the healthy temperature of our three warming spaces by focusing our attention on dreams and goals that make our heart feel most alive. The good news is: all three aspects of our consciousness—spirit, soul and bodymind—are designed to create our world on purpose, just the way we want it. And that is what changes the world. Individuals pursuing their heart's desires is the only thing that will ever change the world.

Why Did He Do That?
We knock our triple warmer system out of balance every time we wonder why someone does something in a dysfunctional manner. Just wondering, “Why did he do that?” runs that person’s logic—how they rationalize that it’s all right to act out in such inconsiderate, thoughtless, bullying or helpless ways—through the matrix of our bodymind. Ouch!

Reasoning out that one silly question can take days, throwing our three warming spaces out of balance and taking our heart offline for the whole time. Wondering why anyone does dysfunctional things is “the curiosity that killed the cat.” 

Define dysfunctional acts by saying, “That was inconsiderate,” or whatever defines that particular dysfunctional act. But never wonder why.

When you become aware that you are focusing on something you do not like, your three-heater’s wise counsel is to quit gawking at the ugliness of unconscious activities. Instead, focus on your plans and dreams, on the beauty that is all around you. There has always been unconsciousness in the world. The great news is that every day more people are waking up. The goodness and beauty all around you is growing more each day. That deserves your attention, not the darkness.

Your attention is your most precious possession. Putting it on problems you have little influence to change or putting it on dysfunctional behaviors takes your heart offline. Focusing on problems you have no way to change makes you feel powerless. It is really unhealthy. The result is that your bodymindand your kingdom are left without a ruler—and that’s never good.

“Fight, Fright, Flight”
Your sympathetic nervous system has probably saved your life a number of times. In times of great danger, you get an adrenaline rush that lets you react with speed, strength, and clarity many times greater than any of your normal capabilities. Time slows down so much that you have all the time you need to do what you must do. You save the day! 

The problem is living in sympathetic dominance. Our bodymind takes everything we focus on personally. We watch the news about war in Syria and your bodymind reacts as if when we open our front door we will see tanks and soldiers running by. Focusing on alarming events, our heart reacts by loading our sympathetic nervous system into the “fight, fright, flight” response, shutting down our immune system, digestive system and sexual system for the whole time. 

Where the news focuses mostly on alarming events and worst-case scenarios, like in America, people live their entire lives in a state of hyper vigilance. And we have the digestive, immune, and sexual problems to prove it. Billions of dollars’ worth of drugs are sold in America each year—just for these problems. The irony of this would be hilarious if it were not so calamitous.

The instant we bring the focus of our attention back to the unique world our heart creates, those problems dissipate. The triple warmer immediately comes back into balance. The healthier parasympathetic nervous system turns back on. Our digestive, immune, and sexual systems turn back on. They get all the energy they need.

We innately know that we are safe and loved, that we have plenty of time, that people love what we do, the universe loves, supports and approves of us. Life is good. When we are thinking this way, digestion and our immune system receive enough life force to keep everything healthy. Our sexual system gets all the energy it needs to thrive and function well. And we don’t need all those drugs.

Keeping Our Three-Heater System in Balance
We can also destabilize our three-heater system by getting so overly excited and worked up when things are good that our thermostat gets stuck overheating. Then we rebound, getting overly depressed when things go bad, plunging us into the deepest of depressions afterward. It is difficult to maintain any kind of balance with this type of behavior. This kind of emotional roller-coaster is not uncommon.

The three-heater’s job is to keep redirecting our focus back to our plans and dreams, and to the things in life that we love. Its job is to revel in beautiful sunsets and all the wonders of this blue-green paradise world, and toward reflecting on the joys of our loved ones. When we focus our precious attention on those kinds of things, our heart creates more of that in our unique world.

In the circle of life, the love our heart feels becomes the agent that heals our heart. As we focus on aspects of loved ones we admire, our heart loves the best aspects of that person into being. We become people others admire. It is incredible how powerfully our love affects everything and everyone it focuses on. Focusing on what we love creates a more loving world. Our heart makes everything we focus on sacred.

Where is Your Focus?

The unconditional love, warmth and guidance our heart provides personifies the finest qualities of our spirit. Every moment that our heart is focusing its precious attention onto what it loves, it’s developing insights into how we can have more to love in our own unique world. That’s how it works. The more we love, the more loving our world becomes until we are completely surrounded by love. Year after year every part of our life keeps getting better.

Based on the insights our heart develops from unconditionally loving, it issues the moment-to-moment operating instructions that all our cells and organs need so they can live in harmony. The result is: age is kind to us and is easier to bring our desires to fruition in all situations.

In our busy lives, we find ourselves in dozens of different environments in a single day. In each and every situation, the insights from our heart allow us to manifest our unique world in a more loving manner and to create healthy limits and boundaries.

To help your three-heater to stay focused on the love all around you, say a resounding “yes” to all your lessons and difficulties. After all, your spirit and soul created them. Our supposed difficulties are actually stepping stones, created by our own spirit and soul, that lead us in the most direct path toward achieving our heart’s desires. The trouble is, those stepping stones come disguised as obstacles and difficulties. 

Notice how happy your body feels when you say “yes. Yes. YES!” to life. Then every part of your life starts making sense.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.
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