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Introduction to Section II

We have two conscious operating systems: Heart and brain. All through our long history, almost everyone’s brain has been in charge of their consciousness. The brain is our subconscious operating system.

The trouble is, our brain references everything to either the past, future or some past/future construct. It avoids the present moment. This way of thinking perceives everything from a lens of scarcity, lack and limitation. The brain gets caught up in polarizations like religion, politics and family or work dramas. It is a problem solver. If there are no problems, it dredges up old problems to fixate on.

The brain only ascends to the level of critical thinking. It stops short of creational thinking. Brain centric thinking is the reason why there is so much inequality, war and poverty. Technically, we are spiritually asleep every moment our brain is in charge.

Heart or Brain as Our Operating System?

Every moment we are awake, our heart takes charge of our consciousness. But what is being awake? Spirituality is simply being mindful of basic habits.

The first three habits provide a foundation that allows us to handle anything life throws at us: Breathing out strong from below our navel: Standing and sitting erect: and Feeling all our feelings. These basic habits have one thing in common. They keep waking us up to the present moment.

Being in the present moment is what being spiritually awake means. When we fall back asleep, we have a subconscious system that can keep us in our lane at the right speed limit if we are driving our car. It has many hundreds of thousands of programs for everything we have ever done more than twice. It has programs for “talking with mom.” It has programs for driving the car and everything that we do on a repetitive basis.

The brain’s programs are so effective that we can go for days, weeks, months or, like most people, even years with the brain playing disc jockey; plugging in the program it deems appropriate for whatever occasion we are involved in. The only reason this seems normal is because almost everyone around us has the brain as their consciousness operating system.

Heart Operating System

Every moment that we are awake, our heart takes control of our consciousness. Our heart automatically aligns with the intentions of our spirit and soul, the eternal parts of who we actually are.

We are a trinity of spirit and soul, both eternal, and a seven-dimensional bodymind that lives in the world of time and polarities. All three are creators. Every person lives in their own unique world.

What we think about all day long creates that world. It does not matter whether we want or would never want what we are thinking about. If we are thinking about it, we are manifesting it and it’s coming right at us. That’s why it is so important to keep our focus on what we love.

When our heart is in charge of our consciousness, all our organ systems lend their incredible talents and wisdom, in real time, so our heart can create our unique world in the most loving and efficient manner. Our heart wants to love everything and everyone and let them love us back. It also wants everyone else to be successful.

All our organ systems operate simultaneously, in real time, throughout all seven dimensions. What that means is: All our operating systems are very simple. That makes them simple to understand and simple to bring into harmony.

Every moment our heart is in charge gives our spirit and soul access to seven incredible dimensions: physical, etheric, mental, emotional, attitudinal, and the dimensions that deals with our values, principles and beliefs. The inner world our heart creates is the real world. The world “out there,” the world our brain focuses on, is mostly a world of illusion because we are mostly powerless to change it.

All of the laws of the universe are inclusive. We come into harmony with all creation when we cherish others, ourselves and the world around us. All life is about choices. Moment by moment we have the sovereign power to choose where we focus our precious attention. Whatever we focus our attention on is our God.

Everyone and everything in our world needs the unconditional love, warmth and guidance from our heart to be able to achieve their potential and come to fruition. The only thing that will change the world is when enough of us wake up to focusing on our heart’s desires. Then the whole world changes.

Why We Need Habits

The unconscious past/future world of time is so familiar, so seductive that we all fall asleep dozens of times every day. The Seven Habits (section I) keep waking us to the present moment. As we wake up, The Five Elements (section II), the basis of classical Chinese acupuncture, show us how simple it is to bring our consciousness into harmony with all life.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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