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The Seven Dimensions of Our Bodymind

Our bodymind provides our spirit and soul access to seven incredible dimensions. Within our bodymind, when we are in the present moment, all of our organ systems function on all seven dimensions simultaneously, interfacing with, and acting as highly esteemed cabinet ministers to our heart in real time.

That means, all our organ systems and all seven dimensions have very simple operating systems. And that makes them easy to understand and makes it simple for us to bring them into harmony. The two-dimensional world of our five senses pales in comparison to the beauty and wonders as we explore the inner worlds of our higher dimensions, Spirit and Soul:

  1. Physical: The physical body gives our Spirit and Soul access to all manner of adventures and movement: all the different sports, dancing, hiking, swimming, making love, eating sensuous foods and enjoying this blue-green paradise world through all our senses.
  2. Etheric: This is the energy double to our physical body and reflects our overall health. When we hold a blouse or shirt up to the mirror and look at how the color of the garment either enlivens our face or diminishes it, we are looking at our etheric body. This body directly responds to the quality of our food and drink, exercise and rest. When we look at the “color” in a person’s face we are glimpsing their etheric body. Their color directly reflects their vitality, or lack thereof.
  3. Mental: The third dimension gives our spirit access to all the physical sciences, philosophies, religions, mythologies, cultural mores and all the ways we communicate with others. The mental realm operates through our brain and nervous system. Until quantum physics, all our sciences were restricted to only considering the physical and mental realms, as if the other dimensions were not relevant. Scientists are just recently beginning to fathom the wonders of a multi-dimensional universe.
  4. Emotional: Every moment that we feel the feelings that come up, and reflecting on them, gives our bodymind access to the eternal wisdom of our spirit. Becoming aware of, and feeling all our feelings greatly expands all the horizons of our awareness, helping us to spiritually evolve at a much faster rate. The kidney/bladder systems rule this dimension.
  5. Attitudinal: The fifth dimension is ruled by our acupuncture meridians. The pressure the meridians exert is sufficient to hold out and maintain a discernible egg-shaped energy field that extends out from our body about three feet in all directions, including above our head and below our feet. The density of our aura, or auric field insulates us from having to experience everyone’s pain and thoughts when they are in close proximity to us, giving us autonomy to live our own life without undue influence from everyone around us. This is where we develop our attitudes, which function as the spiritual speed that we are evolving down the highway of life.
  6. Causal: The sixth dimension is ruled by our endocrine system, which bridges spirit and matter. Our endocrine glands produce hormones that stabilize our emotions and allow us to discern sensory and extra-sensory perceptions and translate them into a language our heart-ruled mind can assimilate. Through the sixth and seventh dimensions, while we are in the present moment, our own inner values, principles and beliefs direct all our thoughts and actions.
  7. Enlightenment: The seventh dimension is ruled by our chakras, the subtlest organs of our body. Chakras are spiritual antennae with very subtle, flower-like petals that spin faster and develop pure rainbow-like colors as we become more loving, truthful and decisive. When we are being angry or hateful, our chakras shrink down, shutting us off from our spiritual guidance, and it takes a while for them to flesh back out and be receptive again. That is another reason why it is so crucial that we feel all our feelings, which dissipates them, shrinking them into nothingness.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.
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