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Liver System

From medical physiology, we learn that our liver is an organ with 50,000 to 100,000 filtration lobules that filter over a quart, a liter of blood every minute for as long as we live. As it filters the blood, the liver effectively removes debris and pathological bacteria from your blood. It generates bile, stores and releases vitamins A and D and also glucose to stabilize the blood sugar levels. Without bile, your body would not be able to digest proteins or fats.

But our liver is more than just the organ. All our organs are actually organ systems. The liver system includes both pectoralis and rhomboid muscles. They generate the electrical energy the liver needs to perform all its functions. Our liver system also includes the liver meridians that run down either side of our body from the middle of our torso to the great toes.

Meridians Create our Auric Field, our Aura 

In our seven-dimensional bodymind, our meridians represent the fifth dimension (causal). This is the part of our bodymind where our attitudes develop. The meridians become the template that all our other tissues, including our organs form up around as our body develops from two cells to the complex being we become.

The energy our meridians generate is stable enough to maintain our aura—a dense, energy field, like a big energy egg that surrounds our body for about three feet around us, including above our head and below our feet—dense enough to be palpable by almost everyone. Our auric field puts our attitudes right out there for everyone to observe.

The density of our aura insulates us from having to experience everyone’s pain and thoughts when they are nearby. This allows us to experience our own autonomous life. The downside is: We can easily believe that we are separate from Creator and all life.

All meridians run their energy 24 hours a day, but every two hours the energy runs much more intensely in one of the twelve paired energy systems. During the time that particular system runs more intensely, it rules the bodymind's activities.

The energy of the gallbladder system runs most intensely from 11 PM to 1 AM. The gallbladder is the part of our consciousness where we handle decision making, discernment and where we build our self-esteem. If we are not being decisive or not adequately discerning the issues that impact our life, the build-up of stress may cause difficulty sleeping during this time.

The energy for the liver system runs most intensely from 1 AM to 3 AM. If we have let anger, frustration or irritation build up and have not actually felt these feelings, our sleep may be disturbed during this time.

Willpower and Our Sense of Purpose
The liver can be thought of as the architect of our life. It’s the part of our consciousness that listens in on everything we think, feel, believe, and talk about with our friends. Whatever we are focusing on, our liver continually draws up plans to have more of that in our life.

What we focus on is what our liver creates in our life. It really doesn’t matter whether we love, fear or even hate what we are focusing on. Just the fact that we are focusing on it causes the liver system to manifest it into our life. Through the element of wood, we create our own personal reality. This also explains how "what I fear has come upon me."

If we are letting our unruly mind muck about thinking about all that’s wrong in the world, that forces our liver to manifest more problems and things going wrong in our world. This is one of the problems of being a creator.

I hear people saying things like, “I can’t do that.” “I’ll never be able to get down to the weight I want to be at,” or “Things just don’t work out good for me.” And it’s true! What we believe will happen happens—just as we thought. Our words are actually commands, which our bodymind, spirit and soul take literally and unfailingly delivers—even though that might not necessarily be what we want.

Take responsibility for what you believe. Every time you hear yourself thinking or saying something that doesn’t feel right in your gut, especially something disempowering, ask yourself this question: “Is that how I want to create my own unique world?” If it’s not, kill that belief. Shoot that sacred cow dead. Replace it with how you want to create your world. We all just make our lives up. Then we live it. Part of being awake is creating our lives consciously, intentionally.

We seriously dissipate our precious life force by letting our brain focus on all the problems it tends to want to focus on. It is so easy to fritter our life away. I observe very intelligent people spending enormous amounts of time worrying about what family members or friends are doing, arguing over politics, conspiracy theories and government or corporate shenanigans.

Focusing on something we cannot personally change in the next few days depletes our life force. Worse, it makes us feel like we have no future, no growth potential. We cannot change problems by focusing on them. That is the grand illusion. We can only change the world by focusing on the positive contributions we make.

We develop our sense of purpose and willpower by training our mind to stay focused on the plans and dreams that make us feel most alive, plans and dreams that excite and challenge us, that probably caused a twinge in our gut when we first considered them.

The nobility of your dreams, plans and ideals give depth and breadth to your character. Dare to dream dreams that stretch the imagination of who you think you are. Then commit to them with the kind of certainty that you believe the sun’s coming up tomorrow. Anything less than that is just wasted energy. Your life can be great when you train your mind to single-mindedly stay focused on your heart’s desires.

The fabric you weave into the tapestry of life with your positive contributions is more valuable than all your concern about the world’s problems combined. Manifesting is much easier than most people think. The hard part of manifesting is training your unruly mind to stay focused on your heart’s desires. It’s like keeping your eyes on the road when you’re driving. There are so many distractions.

Commit to Your Plans and Dreams

Commit to the dreams and ideals your mind won't quit thinking about. Committing to your plans and dreams is very much like putting your car in gear. Nothing happens until you commit. Then keep bringing your precious attention back to what you want to manifest.

Make plans, review them often and change them when necessary. That focuses your attention on what you can do to make the world a better place. Less than two percent of the population make and review their plans regularly, yet they make most of the changes that happen in the world.

The moment you commit to a goal or dream, your liver immediately starts up-taking all the energy you will ever need to accomplish that goal. As you overcome obstacles in your path, you develop willpower, one of your super powers. You also develop the depth and breadth of your character. This is a fun part of being a creator.

Creating a Heroic Character and Stepping into it
A character we just make up is more real—and infinitely more powerful—than a character we have been conditioned to believe we are. Imagine a character who represents all the positive qualities you would embody if the world were a perfect place. Ask yourself:

What would I do, or who would I be if the world were a perfect place and I could do or be anything I wanted?

Dare to invent a character in a role that might be a little scary, that stretches the limits of what you thought you could ever be. Use your imagination to create that role in a perfect world where you could do or be whatever you want to be. Then boldly step into your creation.

When you firmly commit to something, anything, your liver immediately starts up-taking all the energy you will ever need to accomplish that goal. It’s important to realize that each one of us has every talent and skill we will ever need to handle every challenge that comes at us—if we stay focused and don’t quit on ourselves.

I can promise you that creating a bold character—and stepping into it—will probably cause you to wake up hundreds of times over the next fifteen or twenty years around 3 A.M. sweating, frustrated because you are not facing up to a particular challenge your ideal character faces. Usually, by the second or third night you wake up with the answer, which is remarkably right on target and explains many other related issues. With each success, your expertise grows.

If you do not create a bold character—and step into it—you will not have all those 3 A.M. wake-ups, nor will you achieve those delightful insights that help you to understand a host of similar problems. And you will never develop the genius qualities within yourself or know how powerful you actually are.

One step at a time you ultimately become, and often transcend your heroes. Imagine you are watching a movie of your life: in every scene, you have the option of being the leading lady or man. Dare to dream.

Start paying attention to the background dreams you secretly long for. Often, they are dreams you think about a lot, but think that you can’t do them or that someone else should do them. But they keep coming up in your consciousness. As you allow the dream to form up, you begin to see that you are “The One” to do this.

As you come to understand your spiritual nobility, you realize that the world is indeed a perfect place.

Slay Your Dragons
There is a sense of magic when we first aspire to a dream. But soon after we start taking the courageous first steps, fears start floating up to the surface of our mind. The dragons of our old mythologies represent those fears. Because most of us only think about our fears, they build in intensity and increase in size until they resemble forty-foot tall fire-breathing dragons. Feeling our fears dissolve them into nothingness, slaying the dragons.

Dare to dream but guard your dreams. Protect them. Newly forming dreams are delicate and vulnerable, like newly emerging shoots in the springtime. Do not share your unformed dreams or plans with friends or even loved ones until you have nurtured and developed them enough that they can withstand the scrutiny of well-meaning others.

Most people have been hurt by life and just listening to your newly emerging dream causes their own inner demons attack the innocent dream before it has developed enough substance to withstand the onslaught. Even though you might be innocently sharing your dream with them, their unresolved fears cause them to unconsciously function as “dream crushers.”

Just telling them your dream kills it. Their well-meaning advice often comes from such deep-seated fears that your dream begins to feel foolish. Their fear effectively stops you from doing what your heart profoundly desires. Once your dream has formed up and has enough substance, then you can share it, but only with a select few.

We all need your dreams, the threads that are your contribution to the tapestry of life.

Your life and your contributions are precious. Most people are waiting around for a dozen doves to fly by in the sign of a cross or some other divine sign before they commit to their life. Here’s the deal: Everyone’s contributions in this life are essential. Everyone.

Everyone has genius in one or more areas of their life. Everyone! As you grow into one of your particular genius qualities it starts fleshing out, which causes your next genius quality to start bubbling up into your awareness. If you never step out of your comfort zone—if you hold back because of your fears—if you don’t risk going for it, you will never discover your own genius qualities.

If you boldly go for it in the areas your heart opens to—pursuing the dreams your mind will not quit thinking about—you will experience your genius qualities. My prayer is that you find your genius. And ultimately you discover that the world is, indeed, a perfect place.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.

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