Do you wonder how the human body works? All my life, I have searched for a Manual for How the Human Body Operates but never found one. Honestly, I find it hard to fathom that I am writing it. But here goes:

Who we are is a trinity—spirit, soul and human body—that functions as one single entity. As a spiritual being, our job is to take control of our physical body much as an experienced equestrian takes the reins of a wonderfully challenging horse. 

Our most important understanding is: We are creators. Whatever we focus our attention on also gets created in our own inner world. As creators, when we focus our precious attention on problems in the world outside ourselves, we create similar problems in our own personal world. It does not matter whether we love what we are focusing on, want it in our lives or would never want it in our life. Whatever we are focusing on outside ourselves gets manifested into our inner world.

Our spirit is a creator. Our soul functions as a creator, and the seven-dimensional bodymind we live in for this lifetime is also a creator, making us creators to the third power. Each person is co-creating his or her own unique world and our heart—not our brain—is the sovereign ruler of both our bodymind and of our own personal kingdom.

We have two consciousness operating systems, heart and brain. Every moment we are not spiritually awake, our brain defaults to being in charge of our consciousness, with dire consequences.

Brain: Great Servant, Terrible Master 
Our brain focuses on problems. It is not capable of strategically creating our world in a loving manner. Without the heart directing it, our brain’s strategy consistently defaults to problem solving. If there are no problems for it to solve, the brain generates unending problems to fret over. Even when we start waking up, the past/ future world of time is so familiar, so seductive that we all fall asleep dozens of times every day, rarely even noticing it. 

In the brain’s version of reality, everything is divided into right versus wrong, good versus evil, Republican versus Democrat and infinitely more polarities. Even though the world of time is so familiar and seductive, it's a miserable place to live. The brain's divisive way of thinking is the root cause of all society’s pain and suffering.

Like “the ghost of Christmas Past” in Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, our brain’s version of the past always drags the heavy chains of previous shame, guilt, missed opportunities and failures into its considerations. When our brain contemplates the future, it factors in all its fears, anxieties and worries. 

In the logic of our brain, the past dictates the future. It's like being in a self-imposed prison where all our unresolved fears, beliefs of lack and limitation, shame, guilt and missed opportunities form the bars of our cell.

Worse, the brain observes life from a very limited perspective. It processes at twenty-four frames per second, which limits it to only acknowledging two dimensions, physical and mental. All our organs and higher functions operate at frame rates of at least 100 frames per second. To the brain, it’s as if our spirit, soul and the other five dimensions of our bodymind are non-existent or at best irrelevant. For example, the brain thinks about our feelings rather than actually feeling them. 

When we don’t actually feel our feelings, they build up in our body, causing tension, pressure, inflammation and irritation in our bodymind. The unresolved tensions cause our brain to generate thousands of toxic thoughts. And those thoughts will always be about the past, future or some past/future construct. 

Every moment our brain is not directed by our heart, the way it thinks isolates us from our spiritual connection. We find ourselves going it alone in an unjust world where the brain projects its angst against unfairness, lack and limitation into its perspectives of reality. 

Heart Operating System
Our heart innately knows, and desires what our spirit and soul desire. And that is to create our own loving world and then live in it. Every moment our heart is in charge gives our spirit and soul access to seven incredible dimensions: physical, etheric, mental, emotional, causal, and the dimensions that deals with our beliefs, values and principles.

Only our heart operates at fast enough frames per second to listen to our organs. Then our organs—actually organ systems—contribute all their talents and wisdom into our total consciousness in real time. That lets our heart create our own unique world in the most efficient and loving manner. Our heart then translates all the talent and wisdom from our organ systems into a language our mind can understand and work with. 

The most important understanding here is: All our organ systems operate simultaneously, in real time, throughout all seven dimensions. Wow! What that means is: All our operating systems are very simple, and that makes them easy to understand and work with.

In Section II, we learn that most accurate system of physiology and pathology on the planet is the “Five Elements” of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, the basis of classical Chinese acupuncture. By combining the Five Elements with Western medical physiology and Applied Kinesiology (the science that explains which muscles make the electrical energy that each of our organ systems use), the understanding of how our bodymind functions becomes much simpler and easier to comprehend. 

Once the vastness of the human body is divided into understandable working sections, it becomes so much easier to understand what is going wrong in the body and how to return it to normal function. For example: There are 22 sets of muscles that make the electrical energy our stomach system uses, all of them in the neck, shoulder and arms. This lets us understand how neck/shoulder problems can cause the stomach to malfunction and visa versa.

Why We Need Habits

The unconscious past/future world of time is so familiar, so seductive that we all fall asleep dozens of times daily. As we lull into spiritual unconsciousness, we instantly default to our brain being in charge of our consciousness. 

"The Seven Habits" keep waking us back to the present moment, putting our heart back in charge of our consciousness. For example, the first habit; “Breathe Out Strong,” draws our spirit down into its home just below the navel. From there, our spirit takes control of all our chakras. That means: At each intersection of life when we are breathing out strong, our own values, principles and beliefs (the realm of our chakras) control all our thoughts and actions. 

As we read about the five elements, we learn how simple and exciting it is to bring our consciousness into harmony with how our organs operate. When we read, and re-read certain sections, this knowledge re-wires our consciousness. Fulfillment and peace of mind naturally unfold like a flower blossoming under the unconditional love, warmth and guidance of our heart.

In this manual, this is what you will find:

  1. Overview
  2. Section I The Seven Habits
  3. Section II The Five Elements
  4. Section III Spirit Living in Matter
Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.