Section III - A Spiritual Being Living in the World of Matter

Let’s explore how our spirit and bodymind work in harmony, how neither can achieve what they desire without the other, and how each one of us—as part of Creator—co-creates the world we live in.

Every moment that we are breathing out strong draws our spirit down into its home, just below our navel, right in front of the fourth lumbar vertebra. Japanese call this place of power “hara.” Chinese call it the lower tang tien (pronounced dongshin). Breathing our spirit down into its home lets it take control of our bodymind, similarly to how an accomplished equestrian takes the reins of a wonderfully challenging horse.

As a spirit, our main job is training our bodymind to know it is safe and loved throughout all the painful and loving experiences of our life. The entire universe exists so beings can evolve and achieve their deepest desires. All beings. All the flora and fauna, the mineral kingdom, all of it consciously welcoming as much stewardship and love from us as we are willing to extend.

Our inner world—the world our heart lovingly creates—is the real world. Most shamans have considered the world outside of us, no matter how real it may seem, to be the world of illusion. And now quantum physicists report that the world outside us is 99.999% energy, which is mostly consciousness, while only being .0001% matter.

The Foundation of our Character

Our happiness, well-being and peace of mind require that we keep these three points in balance: 

  • Cherishing ourselves and others and all life
  • Truthfulness: Clearly speaking our truth without malice, walking our talk, and living our own truth 
  • Being decisive: Committing to what we believe in; standing up for what we love; taking prompt action where needed and not dissipating our life force through procrastination.

For this whole lifetime, the foundation of our character is like a three-way balance board that we stand upon. We forge our character in the alchemy of life as we do whatever it takes to keep all three points of the triangle in balance throughout all life’s joys and sorrows, wins and losses, triumphs and failures, throughout the full spectrum of this magnificent and challenging life we get to have.

The three points of our triangle support each other, giving our life strength, stability and protection in three separate dimensions, three planes of motion, three aspects of reality—each point strengthening and stabilizing the other two points. 

Cherishing others (and ourselves) requires that we do trainloads of forgiveness. It takes courage to love, to be truthful and to be decisive. This path is not for the faint of heart. But it leads to peace of mind. We become the promise of ourselves.

If we do not cherish the life we are creating, if we do not stand up for and commit to our truth, if we do not commit to what we know to be true, then each point of our triangle undermines the other two. Life does not turn out well for us whenever this triangle gets out of balance in any direction.

We have free will at every choice point. Everything that we encounter originates from choices we have made. Those choices could have come from focusing on all the things we don’t like, then making choices about that. Focusing on what we don’t like always creates fear. 

Or we can focus our precious attention on what we cherish, courageously choosing to do and have what we love. Every moment that we are focusing on what we love, we are creating more to love. Whichever way we choose makes all the difference.

If we truly love something, we need to stand up for it. Be decisive about it. Commit to it. Then our triangle is complete. We feel complete. Peace of mind blossoms like a beautiful flower under the unconditional love, warmth and guidance of our heart.

A big part of decisiveness is single-mindedly focusing on our heart’s desires, and not letting our unruly brain generate competing worries, fears and limiting beliefs. Because we are creators, all the thoughts our brain generates regarding our desires are taken as commands. Worries, negative concerns and fears are also commands, and they compete with our desires. 

Fears must be faced. Felt. Experienced. The way to cancel a fear is by going inside and actually feeling every fear that comes up. And poof! Just like that, the fear we feel dissolves into nothingness. Then our brain can generate single-minded thoughts about our desires.

The lessons we learn when we make a habit of standing up for all three points of our triangle become the crucible of fire that transforms us from mere potential into fully-actualized beings. This is the essence of ancient alchemy. We turn our character from pig iron to fine steel, and ultimately to gold.

The Seven Dimensions We Access Through our Bodymind 
Our bodymind provides our spirit and soul access to seven incredible dimensions. Within our bodymind, all seven dimensions operate simultaneously and interface with each other in real time. That means, all our body’s organ systems and all seven dimensions have very simple operating systems. Each dimension gives our spirit and soul profound wonders to experience:

  1. Physical: The physical body gives our spirit access to all manner of adventures and movement: all the different sports, dancing, hiking, swimming, making love, eating sensuous foods and enjoying this blue-green paradise world through all our senses.
  2. Etheric: This is the energy double to our physical body and gives the most direct reflection of our overall health. When we hold a blouse or shirt up to the mirror and look at how the color of the garment either enlivens our face or diminishes it, we are looking at our etheric body. This body directly responds to the quality of our food and drink, exercise and rest. When we look at the “color” in a person’s face we are glimpsing their etheric body. Their color directly reflects their vitality, or lack thereof.
  3. Mental: The third dimension gives our spirit access to all the physical sciences, philosophies, religions, mythologies, cultural mores and all the ways we communicate with others. The mental realm operates through our brain and nervous system. Until quantum physics, all our sciences were restricted to only considering the physical and mental realms, as if the other dimensions didn’t count. Scientists are awakening to the wonders of a multi-dimensional universe.
  4. Emotional: Every moment that we feel the feelings that come up, and reflect on them, gives us access to the eternal wisdom of our spirit. Becoming aware of, and feeling all our feelings, expands all the horizons of our awareness and helps us to spiritually evolve at a much faster rate. The kidney/bladder systems rule this dimension.
  5. Causal: The fifth dimension is ruled by our acupuncture meridians, which exert enough stable pressure to maintain our auric field, a discernable energy field that extends out from the body about three feet in all directions, including above our head and below our feet. Our aura, or auric field, has the shape of a big energy egg surrounding our physical body. It insulates us from having to experience everyone’s pain and thoughts when they are in close proximity to us, giving us autonomy to live our own life without undue influence from everyone around us.
  6. Attitudinal: The sixth dimension—ruled by the endocrine system— produces hormones that stabilize our emotions and allow us to discern sensory and extra-sensory perceptions and translate them into a language our heart-ruled mind can assimilate. This is where we develop our attitudes about what we want to do, what we like or dislike, what we accept or reject. When our awareness expands into this system, our values and principles define our attitudes, thoughts and actions.
  7. Enlightened: The seventh dimension is ruled by our chakras. Our chakras are the subtlest organs of our body, with very subtle, flower-like petals that spin faster and develop pure rainbow-like colors as we become more loving, truthful and decisive. 


The organs of our sixth and seventh dimensions are our endocrine glands and the chakras they represent. This is the part of our bodymind where we develop our values, principles and beliefs.

Chakras are the subtlest organs of our bodymind, energy vortexes that appear to have flower-like petals like a daisy. Many people have learned to discern chakras. Their energy is actually pretty dense. 

Unresolved emotions like jealousy, anger, malice or worry cause the colors of our chakras become murky and dark, slowing their spin, shutting down access to spiritual wisdom. 

As we become mindful, more loving, truthful and decisive, the chakras develop purer rainbow-like colors. As we grow and mature spiritually, the chakras spin faster and appear to develop more petals. The thousand acupuncture points all over our body are like mini-chakras, smaller vortexes of energy.   

Since our spirit puts out more energy than our physical body can contain, the energy spinning out from our chakras and acupuncture points trails out behind us like the wake of a ship. The great mystery is how the energy generated by our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, principles, values and beliefs somehow create the world we then observe. 

The Seven chakras:

  1. The first—the perineum at the bottom of our body—is often called the survival chakra. When this chakra is healthy, we know that we will always have enough to eat, a place to live and be able to survive and care for our loved ones in the physical world. As a spiritual being, this chakra matures as we teach our bodymind that we are unconditionally loved.
  2. Below the navel is our sexual chakra. The next octave of sexual energy is our passion for life. When we are passionate about what we do, we start developing charisma, the third octaveThe highest octave of sexual energy is compassion. When this chakra is healthy, we know that we are an integral part of every aspect of life, beginning with family, school and any group we are affiliated with.
  3. The third chakra, solar plexus, directly over the stomach develops as we learn to feel safe while manifesting our power in the world through our work, plans and dreams. It blossoms as we feel nurtured, develop firm boundaries and accept the sweetness of life. The adrenal glands rule the first and third chakras. They are part of the triple heater system. Our main job as a spirit is teaching our body that it’s safe and loved.
  4. The fourth, the heart chakra rules our consciousness. Everything and everyone in our world needs the unconditional love, warmth and guidance of our heart to flourish and achieve their potential. Our superpower is cherishing our loved ones into being the best version of themselves.
  5. The throat chakra develops fully as we learn to clearly speak our truth and express our creativity. Being critical, instead of creative clogs up our throat chakra as badly as choking back our truth.
  6. The third eye develops as we learn to recognize the eternal truths between all dualities, like Republican vs Democrat, good vs evil, right vs wrong and thousands of other polarities. Rumi, the mystic poet said, “Out beyond the doing of good or doing of bad there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Our third eye lets us into that field.
  7. The crown chakra connects us with Creator, the entire angelic kingdom and the Akashic records, the archive of all past and future truths. Meditating on this chakra can take us into the heavenly worlds.

As creators, whatever we focus our attention on mysteriously creates our own unique world. One person focusing their precious attention on what makes their heart feel most alive is doing more healing to the world than hundreds of people being concerned or protesting what is wrong in the world. 

Where we focus our attention determines whether we are mindfully co-creating a loving world, or just part of the ongoing problems of a thus far mostly unconscious world. Every moment we have the sovereign choice of where we focus our precious attention.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.